Ready or Not

ready or not

Ready or not, here we come!  Who is ready for the regular season?  Who is not?  I’m just going to do this one off the top of my head, so tell me who I missed.


Clayton Kershaw

Kenta Maeda

Alex Wood (I guess)

Carlos Frias

Zach Lee – maybe he should be included in the “not ready for prime time players” list

Kenley Jansen

Chris Hatcher

JP Howell

Louis Coleman

Joe Blanton (believe it or not)

Yimi Garcia

Pedro Baez

AJ Ellis

Austin Barnes

Adrian Gonzalez

Chase Utley

Corey Seager (I hope…)

Justin Turner – hey, JT, save some hits for the regular season!

Carl Crawford

Trayce Thompson

Kike Hernandez



Scott Kazmir – has some aches and pains, including some mystery abdominal issue

Hyun-Jin Ryu

Brandon McCarthy

Brett Anderson

Frankie Montas

Luis Avilan – not injured, but not pitching very well

Jamey Wright

Yasmani Grandal

Howie Kendrick

Andre Ethier

Joc Pederson – his body is ready, but is his swing?

Yasiel Puig – a recent add to the injured list?  (hamstring, that’s never a nice word to hear)

Alex Guerrero – and yet, he will likely be on the 25-man squad.

State of the Dodgers


The Dodgers cut Matt West today, so that brings the roster down to forty-two players.  Of those forty, at least five have some lengthy injuries – Andre Ethier, Brandon McCarthy, Brett Anderson, Hyun-Jin Ryu, and Frankie Montas.  Note that four of the five are pitchers and starting pitchers at that.

That leaves the Dodgers with 37 “healthy” players still in the big-league camp.  Well, actually a bunch are banged up, including Corey Seager, Mike Bolsinger, Brandon Beachy, and Yasmani Grandal.  We could call it 33 fairly healthy players and four banged up players.  Anyway, twelve guys still need to be cut before opening day.  Let’s take a look at who is still there, and will they stay or will they go.

Starting Pitchers

Clayton Kershaw (duh), Scott Kazmir, Kenta Maeda (not sure whether Kazmir or Maeda will be #2), Alex Wood (#4), and some guys competing for the #5 role:  Carlos Frias, Brandon Beachy, and Mike Bolsinger.  Seven guys – two will get cut at some point.  If Carlos Frias is still healthy on Opening Day, he may be the #5 starting pitcher – at least for the fifth game of the season.


Kenley Jansen, Chris Hatcher, JP Howell, Joe Blanton, Pedro Baez, Luis Avilan, Yimi Garcia, Louis Coleman, Jamey Wright, Adam Liberatore (or is it Lipitor?), and Josh Ravin.  Eleven guys – four will get cut.


Yasmani Grandal, AJ Ellis, and Austin Barnes.  Unless Barnes hangs on as a super utility guy, he will likely be cut.


Adrian Gonzalez, Howie Kendrick, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Chase Utley, Kike Hernandez, Charlie Culberson, Elian Herrera, Rob Segedin, and Alex Guerrero.  Unless something strange happens, then Culberson, Herrera, and Segedin will be cut.  Dare I say that Guerrero will not be an LA Dodger on Opening Day?


Yasiel Puig, Joc Pederson, Carl Crawford, Scott Van Slyke, Trayce Thompson, and Rico Noel.  I would guess that Trayce stays on as the fifth outfielder, while Rico Noel is cut.




Clayton Kershaw and the World Series


Can Clayton Kershaw win the World Series all by himself?  Obviously, no.

But of all of the Dodgers midway through Spring Training, it seems as if Clayton Kershaw is the one that is ready to go the distance.  Kershaw has pitched ten innings with ten strikeouts and a 0.90 ERA so far this spring.  What have the rest of the Dodgers done?

Scott Kazmir has pitched horribly, but recently pitched a “B” game just so he could get in synch with his catcher, Yasmani Grandal.  Brett Anderson hurt his back and will likely not be back until August.  Kenta Maeda has done fine, but who knows when his pitching elbow will blow out?  Hyun-Jin Ryu is behind schedule and may (or may not) be ready to go in May.  That leaves Alex Wood to round out the rotation.  Hopefully he will do better than his first half-season with the Dodgers.

Meanwhile, the offensive lineup is in some disarray, as well.  Justin Turner finally got his first start today.  Corey Seager hurt his knee, and he may or may not be ready to go on Opening Day.  Adrian Gonzalez is going off to play in the World Baseball Classic.  Joc Pederson has managed to improve his batting average to .263, and has finally slowed the pace of his strikeouts (he’s down to just eight strikeouts in 19 at bats).  Yasiel Puig has just 14 at bats in Spring Training,  while Yasmani Grandal has just nine.

So, hold onto your “D” hats, we’ve got a ways to go.





Well, today is just an Exhibition game, but it is baseball.  Today’s game is against the Chicago White Sox.  Clayton Kershaw will be the starting pitcher.  The Dodgers starting lineup is as follows:

Howie Kendrick 2b

Andre Ethier lf

Yasiel Puig rf

Scott Van Slyke 1b

Yasmani Grandal c

Corey Seager ss

Kike Hernandez dh

Alex Guerrero 3b

Trayce Thompson cf