Injury Notes

Hospital Ward

Some guys just can’t show up for work healthy every day in Spring Training.

  • Adrian Gonzalez had a relapse of the bulging disk in his neck.  This has been going on for the past five years.  Ah, what a pain in the neck!
  • Hyun-Jin Ryu has publicly stated that he will not be pitching for the Dodgers until sometime in May.
  • Justin Turner is out for the first week of spring training games.  Boy, that micro fracture surgery of the knee takes a little extra recovery time.  At least, this will allow Howie Kendrick and Chase Utley to get some more time in at third base.  I wonder(?) if Alex Guerrero will get any reps at third base in the first week of games.

Meanwhile, Clayton Kershaw is just cruising along and will be the opening day starter for the sixth year in a row.


24 thoughts on “Injury Notes

  1. Another injury note: Josh Ravin broke his left arm in a car accident. I guess he won’t be ready for opening day, not that the Dodgers were relying on him to be in their bullpen on Opening Day.


  2. Hopefully Agon’s neck does not become more of a problem and his body still can handle the rigors of the regular season. The news about Ryu or Turner seems more about not taking any chances with either of them and most likely did not catch anyone within the organization by surprise. Hopefully no one else gets hurt running out a routine base running drill or hit by an errant pitch in the meaningless games starting this week.

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  3. Scott Schebler, whom the Dodgers traded to Cincinnati in the Frankie Montas deal, hit a home run and robbed the opposing team of a grand salami in today’s spring training game.


  4. Schlebler I believe, he might of worked out for the Dodgers. Barney? seriously? Chapman, I guess manfred has made the call, and now set a bench mark. Regarding the investigation with Puig, they have not said anything, are they Done? and if not, they could not possibly give him suspension like chapman.
    I hope the puig thing closes with nothing being done. and smokeless tobacco banned in Boston!, SF and LA.


  5. I hope you all had a fabulous hot stove season and are ready to take on the 2016 season. It is definitely nice seeing and hearing baseball again. This is sure to be an entertaining season once again, both on and off the field, with the Dodgers! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. I will do my best to check in more often this season. Yours truly…….Dodger Fan….formerly known as Nellyjune 🙂 ps: couldn’t remember any of my previous info so I had to make new profile.

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  6. Puig is the only one that nothing has happened with yet, Reyes on paid leave and Chapman facing the 30 game suspension. I wouldn’t be surprised if Puig doesn’t get away with it all together.


  7. Crash….our loyal buddy NellyJune is trying to come back to us. She has a new name now and made a post to our blog but, it is in the pending category. Can you fix it for her? Thanks.

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    • Tweaked his lower back, or is it worse than that? Ironic, given the article from yesterday that I posted above. I hope he’s going to be all right. Like trublu said, if he’s ready for Opening day, then everything is fine.


  8. Hey all…I apologize for not explaining myself the other day. I was dealing with some issues festering in the local air that needed to be resolved. So I was unsure whether or not I would have Internet access much longer. The winds of change seem to be much calmer for the time being, so I’m gonna stick around a little while longer.
    That being said

    Welcome back Nelly. I know I certainly miss the days when you were one of the biggest contributers to this blog. So it’s good to see your profile once again I’m loving the clever new name too!
    Anyhow, I still don’t have a whole bunch to say. Other than…there’s a lot of history on the medical charts pertaining to many of these valuable limbs and apparently vertabrates (probably the incorrect term, but I like the way it sounds, so it stays). But we all know this ’cause we all read the same papers (well, we used to read papers, but you know what I mean).
    I’m not sure how many of the spring games I’ll watch? Athough, I shall purchase my Vinny Vision manana. MLBtv…lowered the price for the premium package by $20.00, which is the one I need in order to stream it through my smart tv. Due to a litigation settlement, they now, also allow you to purchase just a single teams out of market games. This package is about $30 cheaper than the premium service. Blackouts still apply, although, with a change of IP address you can make them believe your streaming from timbuk-tu. They will also allow viewers who purchase the local media package to stream in market games, via, a Web enabled device for $10. Ain’t that a doozy of a deal…I suppose technically, you could rent a portable latrine in an area that has TWC service and have it hooked up, then stream all the games from the comfort of your out of area, but really in area home, for an extra $10! Problem solved!! My power source is about to give out, so I’ll try and think of something else to say, other than…FIX THE DAMN TV DEAL – THE CORRECT DAMN WAY!!!

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