Rally Bum, SandFest – 2016



16 thoughts on “Rally Bum, SandFest – 2016

  1. Just catching up a bit. Thanks for putting me at first base. I can do that.

    Kahli, not sure Ben Howland is the answer to UCLA’s basketball problems. The answer is better and smarter players. Alford seems to be going in this direction as next year’s recruiting class is supposed to be good. Clearly the Bruins have played inconsistent ball all season and still have little depth off the bench. They just don’t shoot well at times. Keep the faith.

    I see the Dodgers have avoided arbitration, which I think is a good thing. From what I have read about the arbitration hearings, the player tries to convince the arbitrator how good he is and deserves a huge raise in pay while the team tries to do the opposite. Then both sides are supposed to leave the hearings and continue the relationship as if nothing happened in that room. Think about it.

    Just wondering how many front office folks it takes to produce a winning team. Sure seems there is no shortage of money for those positions. Not sure why any of us care; if the team does well everyone is happy.


  2. HI Fellow Bums: I have hopeful optimism with the starting rotation we got. Glad all the Arbitration players have been gathered up. Glad Piazza made the HOF, He wasn’t suspected to be a PED user. With all the FOX controversy of that time, I just remember Pizza asked for X amount and Warren Buffet said NO, short sighted imbecile. Now the last thread was pretty wild, appreciate coming out of the BP, ZZ top is a good song, if it were real life perhaps the intro to Hendrix’s “voodoo Chile” might fit. Nice to hear the Boise Story travels, I spent some time in Boise in the summer of 1977, loved it, going down the snake river, free concert in Julia Davis Park with Stoneground ( a bay area breed group), I also drank abit too much tequila there one night and wound up waking up in the local jail cell, not that it was fun, but lesson learned , I don’t drink tequila in a public park anymore! Ha!


  3. Wild thought: what if this blog had a skype like function, where would watch a game together ! Probably at commercial break ; or as I rethink is that too much Facebook stuff?


  4. That Blanton signing is odd as shit. Incredibly, he turned himself into a reliever at age 35 after being nothing but an innings eating starter forever. I view this as a win-win for us. Either he is effective in relieving our massive number of lefty starters, or he is awful and that will give us fodder for yelling at the front office. Bear already started.


  5. Whatever. Until they put Vinny on TV I have zero respect for this ownership group. Zero. Oh, and I hope Magic likes his new Rams season tickets. Heaven forbid he should spend his time on something more constructive for Dodger fans.


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