Dodgers Offense – Good or Bad?


Which Dodgers offense will show up in 2016?

Now that we are only 31 days away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training, it seems that the offense is set.  The winter meetings came and went without any major trades.  After the front office failed to sign Zack Greinke, they signed a couple of good, and yet, lesser talents as starting pitchers (Scott Kazmir and Kenta Maeda).  But they made no significant position player move.  I’m certainly not counting the signing of Chase Utley and the non-signing of Howie Kendrick as significant.  If this is all we’ve got, we have to ask the question, “what have we got here”?  Let’s go through it position by position.

Catcher – Yasmani Grandal, AJ Ellis, and Austin Barnes.  Well, Barnes won’t likely see much time unless one of the other two are hurt.  The big question is whether Grandal will come through the shoulder surgery as a new man or will the shoulder nag him all year?  The good Grandal was here for the first half of 2015 and that was glorious.  But Yasmani’s bat began to fail big time in August, and his batting average just continued to fall throughout the rest of the season.  AJ Ellis hit poorly in the first half, but then came alive in the second half.  So the question remains – will the catchers position hit well or poorly?

First Base – Adrian Gonzalez started 2015 on fire with home runs and hits a plenty.  But as he gets another year older, will his bat slow down?  One thing’s for sure, his legs can’t possibly slow down, since he’s already the slowest man out there.

Second Base – Chase Utley was a broken offensive piece for Philadelphia in 2015, and he never really came back, even late in the year with the Dodgers.  Will he regain his earlier hitting form?  Will Kike Hernandez be allowed to be full-time second base platoon man against lefties, or will he be needed to fill in at shortstop and/or third base?

Shortstop – Corey Seager started his major league career quite well on the offensive side of the ball.  Will he hit a sophomore slump?  [Well, technically, he’s still a rookie for 2016, but you know what I mean].

Third Base – Will Justin Turner’s surgically repaired knee allow him to play more than four to five games per week?  Will his bat still be as good as it has been during the 2014-2015 seasons?

Left Field – Do we get the Andre Ethier of 2015 or the Ethier of 2014?  What of Carl Crawford?  How long will the front office keep two left-handed left fielders on the team?  Will Scott Van Slyke get back to his 2014 form, or is his ailing back going to continue to cut into his playing time and effective hitting against lefties?

Center Field – Do we get the Joc Pederson of the first half of 2015 (OPS of .851), or the Joc of the second half of 2015 (OPS of .617)?  Will Joc be the lead off hitter?  Or will it be…

Right Field – Yasiel Puig – will we get the Puig of 2013 (.925 OPS), 2014 (.863 OPS) or 2015 (.758 OPS and only 79 games)?  Will Puig learn from Maury Wills how to run the basepaths?  Will Puig learn from Maury Wills how to come into his own?  Will Puig learn how to show up on time?

So there you have it.  We’ve got some major question marks on the offense.  Oh, I forgot to mention Alex Guerrero.  I think the front office is also trying to forget that he’s still on the team.




Think! Tink! Think?

Just a short thread about pixie dust until the author’s of this blog can come up with something better…


Pixie Dust Definition:  a substance or influence with an apparently magical effect that brings great success or luck.


What changes to the system do you think we shall see under new manager “Dave Doc Roberts”?

Crash has already come up with the thought of maybe improving the running game by stealing more bases. This is an area “Roberts” excelled at as a player. He will have some young legs in Puig, Pederson, Seager, and Hernandez. With this thought process Crash has also brought to the forefront, the unorthodox sliding technique in which some of the youngsters display and wonders if a change will come about?

Beav has already laid out his thought foundation of wanting the team to return to playing more of an N.L. style game in 2016. While also transitioning away from some of the heftier PVL contracts to date.

Birks idea of a competitive team is one that believes it can win every game, plays smart, can overcome adversity, is resilient, has everyone believing in the common goal, puts team above individual performance, works together, keeps its “dirty laundry” in the clubhouse/locker room, has players who know their roles when that is appropriate and hopefully also has players who can step in when required by injury to other players. I am sure there are other attributes that could be added to this list. The wins will come…according to him..

Oldbrooklynfan believes we should resign “Kendrick” to play second. Although, from what I’ve seen in print, the FO appears ready to move in another direction. Kendrick was still available last I checked and on somewhat of a smaller than previously anticipated contract, might be a good idea.

Griz has wondered out loud about the bullpen and bats and I plan on giving this more thought in the coming days as well?

Myself, I ran across a stat that made me believe, that even know we have some younger guys on the field, “Roberts” will demand a team that doesn’t make senseless mistakes. (He was the 10th Dodgers player in history with consecutive 40 steal seasons and committed his first career error on April 22 against the Cincinnati Reds, snapping a streak of 406 attempts without an error.)

Kahli claims to be growing more out of touch with the organization as the sun sets and rises each day. His thoughts about not being able to view a  piece of Dodger history, since 1950, in what is highly likely to be his farewell season, should concern everyone.

Tru-Mom and Messagebear seem to be happy campers at the moment, as they’ve been awfully quiet these past few days. I’m sure they’ll check in soon.

Koufax could possibly be on a sabbatical until someone, anyone mentions alcohol and baseball in the same sentence? Which I just accomplished…

Shad, I suspect is either researching stats somewhere, or manning a shovel at the cemetery of legends… Let’s hope he’s busy running stats, even if those stats are basketball and football related at the moment. I have faith he’ll run some Dodger related numbers by us at some point.

Sparkleplenty is probably gathering pixie dust to bestow on the field as we speak… I look forward to her presence and thoughts about the upcoming season soon as well.

ZonaDodger according to the last comment, may show up while rowing a canoe, with breaking news of a completed Maeda contract… I hope the weather is treating you well Zona.

VL4, DodgerEric, NellyJune, NorthStateBlues, Collie, Wally and Countless Others… still remain unavailable in this present day and age…But I have faith that we shall become blessed with their presence again in the future…After all, without displaying faith in your friends, what’s a life about?


Dodger4life and I collaborated in scripting this thread. It was his idea to begin with Tinkerbell.