Think Tank…

I’ve been kicking the idea around of trying to find new ways in which we can induce more people into joining our communication process here.
We’ve been struggling somewhat ever since we separated from the Dodgers homepage…which is understandable.
I think in order to attract people and their thoughts, which will make this site more appeasing and enjoyable. We need to have more thorough content on a consistent basis. I believe this content can come in a variety of ways. If anyone has any ideas? I’d appreciate the feedback?

I set this site up because of the problems we were having on the previous one and the inability to secure a fixable solution. I also felt that I had enough time to keep up with what was required in order to keep things running smoothly. It has always been my impression that the blog belongs to everyone…this still rings true. What I don’t have enough of are ideas and journalistic knowledge, (I’m not cut from the same mold as NSBlues and DodgerEric) these two have been severely missed…and are always welcomed to rejoin in any way they feel is appropriate and fun. The same goes for Nelly, as she was always willing, plus skillful at making people feel cherished.

Crash does a wonderful job and his efforts have been immensely appreciated. I just feel we need more substance such as his in with which to work with…we need to find a way to appeal to more people.

What do y’all think?thinktank_story1


41 thoughts on “Think Tank…

  1. Bear made the last comment on the previous thread as well….
    I feel like the Front Office is doing NOTHING.
    Of course, that’s what you can expect when the franchise “normalizes” things from a $300 million payroll.

    So, what are we to expect from the Dodgers in 2016?


  2. I would like to add my appreciation for those of you who have tried to add content to this blog. I agree it would be great to have more participation. Not sure how to do that.


  3. Just thought I’d pass this along.

    Below were the years 5 most active commenters.
    1) lbirken – 170 comments
    2) kahliforni – 145 comments
    3) koufax1963 – 96 comments
    4) griz – 95 comments
    5) messagebear – 75 comments

    The #1 thread was “Win One To Clinch”

    The busy day of the year was October 15th with 314 views.

    The top referring sites in 2015 were: Reader

    Most visitors came from The United States. European Union & Canada were not far behind.
    USA – 10,250
    Germany – 3
    Canada -3
    South Africa – 2
    Mexico – 2


  4. I’m gonna call this segment,” Name the Player”… I should probably call it, “Name the Player, Before OBF Does” though…

    Who is that on the stretcher? I’ll add a clue to this since OBF’s first guess was incorrect. The player in question made his debut with the Dodgers in 1948 and remained with the ball club after his playing days were over.

    I found a bunch of these old photos…and will begin to put them in with the headline, when we add a new thread.
    I’m sure there are a few that will stump OBF as well…


  5. Kazmir is probably better than the average guy we can promote from our AAA club (Frias, Weiland, etc.) to the starting rotation, but he’s no longer a #2, #3, or even a #4 starter for a division winning club. I don’t know the terms of the contract, but I bet we’ll be overpaying him for what he’s worth, and if by some chance he turns out to be real good, he’s got that opt out clause after the first year. My confidence in the Front Office is solidly shaken. Just how many highly paid advisory bastards does it take to come up with a deal like this? Or are Friedman and Zaidi playing the game because they both know this guy? Reminds you of Ned and Schmidt, doesn’t it?


  6. Makes since the guy on the stretcher would be Reiser. He was before my time, but he was supposed to be well acquainted with the outfield walls. Old Brooklyn would be the one to comment about him.
    Kazmir will get 16 mil a year, spread over six years, and yes bear, that’s too much. In my opinion, anyway, for what is essentially a journeyman.


  7. Regarding this site, and promotion, well thats a marketing concern and with all the media out there it is a tough job to stand out. But one thing this site has got is ” all opinions welcome, may be controversial, may be critical of the Dodgers Organization, may be debated, but never will that opinion be censored or the protagonist be subject to personal ridicule for that belief”. and that is the good thing about this site.
    Personally I love the pictures of the history of the dodgers and the history behind the photo, I like the trivia games and just the brain trust here of thoughtful ideas or complete frustration with what went on at the Ravine today, so the site doesnt need to improve, just gain notoriety! Its a grass roots movement here!
    So you could have question of the day or whatever to keep them coming back.
    Say Im glad chapman was bypassed, I dont need the Dodgers to be known as a thug team. The kasmir deal is OK, we need something to compensate for pitching, it has an opt out clause that Im sure will be pulled by Kasmir, and young arms are being developed.
    and Hey This was easier to type with a cast off, bone healed by the MD said for ligaments will need some work out since they havent been used, and yea it feels good to have that off, no guitar playing yet, but typing is so much better. oh and yes lifting beer bottles was one of the exercises suggested, it worked well last night!


    • I’m happy to see that your healing well, Koufax. Also those beer exercises look mighty strenuous, I hope you sprung for an assistant…you know someone to spot you if needed.


      • Perhaps when you do heal we can get Kahli and yourself to treat us to a conference call recording session. Of course we’d have to include our resident producer The Beav in such a dream.


  8. The one thing I love about this blog is you can say whatever you want without worrying that something will show up in your email, threatening to kick you off. We all have our opinion and respect everybody else’s.
    Happy 2016 to all.

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  9. Good morning folks.

    I’m not saying we have to add people, just that we could try.

    I just thought it would be nice to have more discussions like we did back in the day.

    I could link us to Facebook by setting up a page over there and inviting the 200 or so Dodger friends I have acquired over the years to comment. Whether or not they would venture away from that page and over here would be hard to say (just getting them to participate on the Facebook site would be difficult enough). I’m sure some would come if we made it fun for all… The problem in doing this is finding fresh content to deliver each and everyday without having an inside track to the team. (I’m also not the type willing to subscribe to, and get alerts from every informed Dodger individual out there in order to bring you news at the speed of light). Another thing I thought about was finding someone who attends games semi regularly that has camera skills and could entertain us with stuff from the park that isn’t mainstream (something a little more personal and geared towards our group). I suppose trying to find more people willing to script a post would energize the comments as well. If we make the place fun, I do think it would grow a bit.

    Anyhow, I like things the way they are, don’t get me wrong. I was just trying to fill the box with more toys to play with is all..
    Here’s another photo…same game applies…

    Enjoy your long weekend everyone and have a wonderful, yet safe, New Years!


  10. I am also thinking about having someone draw us a logo…something where some bums are hanging around a Dodger toy box… Since I slowed down on my drinking, I figure I might be able to spring for a family photo.


  11. Thanx, D4. We’ll know soon if they advance. Let’s hope it’s Boomer Sooner.
    The fellow on the upper left has me stumped, so I’m guessing Joe Black. The rest are Reese, Snider, Dressen, and Robinson.
    More importantly, GOOD JOB slowing down on the alcohol. Much better for you right now.


    • I believe you are correct Griz…
      Those hangovers really wore me down. That and when they first started to diagnose my gallbladder thing…I thought it might have been alcoholic liver. Mainly it was the hangovers that slowed me down (and the smokey bar rooms which I can’t handle any longer), which I still have maintained to stay away from…My one sitting high is 6 beers and that took me 5 hours to accomplish. I’m off straight liquor altogether… I will have a margarita though.

      Yep, it’s a Sooner household around here…pops was from Oklahoma (his California childhood nickname is Okie) that is until we discovered his birth certificate earlier this year and it stated he is really from Arkansas…He claims the Dr. was from Arkansas… In any event, I call him Arky now…


    • Okay, the one above is too easy. Everyone can clearly tell that this is a young Mattingly, trying out for the club as a right handed first baseman (the fact that he appears to be positioned in front of 2B, might be why it didn’t work out?)… moving along now…to what I hope is a tougher challenge down below?


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