RING in 2017 with VINNY



I’ve read a quote from Vinny…and he may have said it differently than I describe here. So I forward my apologies to him in advance…

Although, what I believe I read was somewhere along the lines of once he walks away, he doesn’t plan on coming back.  I’m certain we’ll see the phrase Win for Vin in 2016, as well as other catchy Scully slogans… Which is how I came up with the mindset for this thread…

Wouldn’t it be nice to see him again on Opening Day 2017!

(If only in the capacity of a celebratory ring ceremony)

It doesn’t take much to envision the smile that would embrace his beloved persona. It doesn’t take an audio specialist to capture the impending sound that would reverberate from the masses during this joyous celebration. It doesn’t take much to realize the celebration isn’t even about Vinny, just that it was somehow miraculous in itself, that he was in attendance.

So, having said that and as we ring in the New Year of 2016. Us Bums here at ‘Da Blue Toy Box should look forward with enthusiasm to having many conversations about how to and ( Let’s face it! We are who we are)  how not to acquire such a beautiful setting on Opening Day 2017…

What do you think the team as a whole, top to bottom, needs to accomplish between now and then, in order to capture such a wonderfully scripted dream? One with a ring celebration and Vinny?



Guess the Player?

(Okay, it’s obvious the photo below isn’t of a player…but the rules still apply!)




Think Tank…

I’ve been kicking the idea around of trying to find new ways in which we can induce more people into joining our communication process here.
We’ve been struggling somewhat ever since we separated from the Dodgers homepage…which is understandable.
I think in order to attract people and their thoughts, which will make this site more appeasing and enjoyable. We need to have more thorough content on a consistent basis. I believe this content can come in a variety of ways. If anyone has any ideas? I’d appreciate the feedback?

I set this site up because of the problems we were having on the previous one and the inability to secure a fixable solution. I also felt that I had enough time to keep up with what was required in order to keep things running smoothly. It has always been my impression that the blog belongs to everyone…this still rings true. What I don’t have enough of are ideas and journalistic knowledge, (I’m not cut from the same mold as NSBlues and DodgerEric) these two have been severely missed…and are always welcomed to rejoin in any way they feel is appropriate and fun. The same goes for Nelly, as she was always willing, plus skillful at making people feel cherished.

Crash does a wonderful job and his efforts have been immensely appreciated. I just feel we need more substance such as his in with which to work with…we need to find a way to appeal to more people.

What do y’all think?thinktank_story1

Trades R Us


It’s going to get wacky pretty soon, if we’re not already there.  The Dodgers missed out on re-upping Zack Greinke, so they went out and signed up a 35 year old pitcher named Hiwashi Iwakuma.  Then they re-upped 37 year old Chase Utley.  Ummm – I thought they wanted to make the team younger?

Next up, reports are that the Dodgers traded away two prospects for Aroldis Chapman.  We don’t know who those two prospects are yet, and we also don’t know whether Kenley Jansen will be kept or traded.

Now the Winter Meetings are upon us.  Let the fun (?) continue.  Will the 40 man roster have a 50% turnover rate like it did during the 2014-2015 off-season?  We shall see.