End of an Era


Now that Dave Roberts has been officially announced as the Dodgers new manager, we can finally close out the eight year era that began with Joe Torre and ended with his hand-chosen successor, Don Mattingly.  This era featured five playoff years, including the last three straight NL West division winners.  Nonetheless, the Dodgers have been shut out of the World Series for the past 27 years.

I will never forget Juan Uribe teaching Don Mattingly when not to bunt in the 2013 NLDS against the Braves.  After Yasiel Puig doubled with no outs, Mattingly decided to take the bat out of Uribe’s hands by asking him to bunt Puig over to third base.  Uribe had a better idea.  He bunted the first two strikes foul, forcing Donnie Baseball to remove the bunt sign.  Juan Uribe then proceeded to hammer the ball to the back of the bullpen, far over the left fielder’s head to put the Dodgers ahead 4-3.  Then Kenley Jansen came in with his own hammer, striking out the side to nail down the NLDS victory.

The most embarrassing playoff scene for Mattingly (yes, I’m gonna put it on him) was allowing Daniel Murphy to steal third base after being moved from first base to second base on a walk.  Nobody covered third base, not Corey Seager, not Zack Greinke, not nobody.

I welcome the newest era of the Dodgers franchise, featuring Dave Roberts as the manager.

It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock & Roll)!

The Dodgers have narrowed their manager search to a distinct few.

We’ve heard that the prominently schooled wizards that turn the front office wheel these days have come to an agreement that Bud Black, Dave Roberts, Darin Erstad and Gabe Kapler have displayed enough in their first meeting at the greatest factory on earth, to be worthy of more discussion about how to sound the alarm that there will be a 7th Commissioners Trophy displayed at the Ravine. After being considered for further discussion, Erstad announced that he was indeed staying with his current employer. The University of Nebraska, where Erstad manages the Husker baseball team.

Stay tuned for further development.

Qualifying Offers have been handed out and returned.

Zack Greinke, Howie Kendrick and Brett Anderson (as we’ve all heard) were all tendered qualifying offers last week by the Dodgers front office. With only Brett Anderson accepting the offer.

Anderson will return to L.A.’s famed hill for 2016, where he will attempt to successfully earn his $15.8 million check. He was a valued arm for the squad in 2015, so way to go Brett.

Zack and Howie now have the right to seek employment wherever they find the right match. Both were front-line starters for the Dodgers in 2015.

Greinke was not only a co-ace upon the hill, but was nearly mythical with his long sandy blond hair and golden arm. It’ll be difficult to replicate the same return from whom-ever slides into his aforementioned slot. Even if the Dodgers pony up to the bar and provide Zack with some new libations and around another $150 million (give or take). Although, one would have to think Greinke would be a good fit again.  It’s an if the wheel ain’t broke (on so many different levels here) kinda thing if you ask me.

Howie displayed a solid glove and bat, as he was a strong force in the 3-4-5 spot of the line-up, as well as a steady stop gap up the middle in teaming with both Rollins and the much younger Seager. He himself will require some Cristal from the aforementioned bar if he is to be woo-ed back into Dodger blue for 2016. Howie may ask for and receive around a 5 year, $50 million contract. This seems a little pricey, considering the Dodgers have other available options and are displaying a willingness to become a younger team.

The Dodgers will get compensation in the way of a supplemental pick (between the first and second rounds) if either fail to return to the ball club in 2016.

Free Agency is alive and , well…

Always open for discussion….

Manager Merry-Go-Round


Who is going to replace Mattingly as the Dodgers next manager?  Here’s a quick list of all those who have been or will be interviewed.  It’s such a long list, forgive me if I forget a few.  It’s the old law of supply and demand.  Currently, there is only one opening in the MLB for a baseball manager.

Dave Martinez

Gabe Kapler

Tim Wallach

Kirk Gibson

Bob Geren

Bud Black

Darin Erstad

Dave Roberts

Ron Roenicke

Enchanted Beaver

Dodger Eric


Message Bear