Oh well! There’s always next year…


Unless you’re the Mets! Then 2015 is next year

Conquer American League Baseball!!


58 thoughts on “Oh well! There’s always next year…

  1. I took the liberty of changing the thread, yet again… I didn’t feel up to writing anything about this year or even next year for that matter…Crash can add to this if he so chooses… Hell, he can change the thread again if he feels the need… I don’t care… I just don’t care!


  2. The reign of Joe Torre baseball is finally over…though it is disturbing that the story also includes a reported contract extension offer that was obviously turned down. A “parting of the ways” is how the story is being framed.


  3. Think FAZ is done. This is wonderful last ex Gnat gone with Conte, and now Donnie Bye Bye.
    Any thoughts on who will be chosen to lead? Will it be internal. Roenieke as interim? Wallach or they going to do something external, please not Matt williams.


  4. Bud Black worked under Scioscia, he has a World Championship ring, he’s an ex-pitcher (so he’s knows more than Hunneybuns, I’m sure), and he worked for a loser organization (the Pods) which translated to a lousy W-L record. He’d be a candidate, in my opinion. Wallach, as well.


  5. WOW!

    I have no hard feelings towards Donnie…I did however grow weary of his managerial skills and his line-ups were terribly frustrating to follow…day in and day out.

    Don’t hold me to this, as I reserve my right to change my opinion…but, at the moment, I cant see anyone being a better fit than R2-D2 and C-3PO… They would not only be innovative, but would kick out analytics on the fly…



    Farhan Zaidi’s new tribute album to Don Mattingly. Smash hits include:

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  7. So a lot of you on here got your wish and Donnie is down the road. I’m not sure what this will fix, but it’s true that something had to happen, that and the roster will get a big overhaul, lots of new faces next year. I am glad the FO is not getting a pass in all this, they are a big part of the reason we came up short.
    Just suppose one or two of our millionaires got a key hit (there’s a concept for you) in game five, then what? Going into the series with the Cubs the rotation would have been screwed. Had we gotten by the Mets, we would have been seriously disadvantaged against Chicago the way the pitchers were lining up. But so what. Other teams have players step up and win and the Dodgers just go home. And spend their millions.


  8. I’m glad that Mattingly is gone – way overdue, and it wasn’t even a firing; presumably the Guggenheims don’t know how to do something simple like that. The conversation goes that they would even have extended Donnie for another year or so, and Donnie probably figured he ought to get at least a five year contract at numbers commensurate with what some of the star players on the team have been getting.

    That in itself won’t fix anything. I don’t really have any confidence in Friedman, or Zaidi, or Kasten, and I don’t know what to make of Byrne. I left out Ned, and we all know what to make of him. What about the rest of the coaching staff? I think they’re all overdue to be gone as well. Unless we make some wholesale changes in the personalities of this team, we’ll likely be at this same point next year arguing about what went wrong and whose fault that is. Personalities, and not a team, is what I see here, and it needs a lot of changes and a new attitude to bring us to a different result a year from now. Who can bring that about, I don’t know, but it won’t be any of the afore-mentioned high powered Front Office guys.


    • As far as I’m concerned, of all the coaches its Roid Boy that needs to go. Whatever he’s preaching isn’t working. OBP is fine, but when you have guys on and all they do is swing for the fence, that’s not smart baseball. Personally, I think he’s fucked up both Puig and Joc and I don’t want to see him do the same to Seager.

      And another thing, why do they get all over Joc and Puig for their approach, when AGon has half a friggin infield with nothing but a 3B covering it and yet he still refuses to go the other way?


  9. I could hear the roar of approval from most of you when I learned that Donnie would not be back next season. I watched the press conference with Friedman and his GM dancing around all the questions and frankly, I did not like what I heard. I have always felt that the front office did not know for sure what to do about Donnie after last season and that carried over to this season. They denied a contract was offered and refused. They say they went into the meeting with Donnie last Friday expecting him to return but came out of the meeting knowing he would not return. They were asked about the lineups and admitted they would have discussions with Donnie but never dictated lineups. They were asked about all the defensive shifts and defended them but never mentioned anything about how such information was received by the coaching staff. Frankly, I think they were relieved Donnie decided not to return and I do not believe Donnie was fired as some in the media said. By having Donnie decide it would be mutually beneficial for all to “start fresh”, Dodger management does not have to take responsibility for firing a manger after three consecutive division titles. I will say Friedman said the front office has to take responsibility for failing to meet all of this season’s goals.

    So did management try to micromanage Donnie? We still don’t know and probably never will.


  10. Well, for whatever reason Donnie’s gone and we now await a new manager and most likely a coaching staff.
    I just hope we don’t have a shakeup every time we don’t go all the way in the post season.


  11. Bill Plaschke, LA Times, wrote a column this morning that really captures a crucial point about Mattingly and the Dodgers, namely, that the next manager will need to teach and grow the kids. The Dodgers “should” be set in 2/3 of their outfield for the next decade with Puig and Pederson, yet both have regressed:

    “And he didn’t help himself by failing to encourage and grow the abilities of youngsters such as Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig….In particular, his attitude toward the inconsistent and often unprofessional Puig alienated management. The relationship was finally considered broken after Mattingly gave bitingly sarcastic interviews about the “miraculous” nature of Puig’s hamstring recovery.

    For the full article, here it is:


    • Guess its no surprise that Mattingly couldn’t or wouldn’t nurture the young guys given who his mentor was. You just have to hope now that Joc and Puig can be resurrected, even if it means going back to the minors for a time.


    • I read that the new manager will likely want to put his own staff in place and in the meantime the current staff is free to search for new employment. Some may be retained, although, it sounds as if that won’t be the case, does it not?


    • From what I took away from Andrew’s and Faz’s presser yesterday, the coaches were told that they are free to seek employment elsewhere. So not “fired”, just not going to have their contracts renewed at this time. However, if they’re still available when the new manager has been named, and in as much as said new manager would like to interview them, then they will still be considered for a coaching position.

      Or in laymen’s terms, hasta la vista baby.


  12. My favorite Mattingly moment: July 20 2010, before he was Officially manager, but as acting Manager, (wasnt he always acting), 9th inning Broxton in, 1 out, bases loaded, and it was strategy time, and mattingly came out to the mound, departed and when asked a question from Loney, returned to the mound,…. Bochy saw that, and Broxton was removed due to two trips to the mound in one inning, a not warmed up sherrill came in and promptly gave up a 5-4 lead, and from the day on “two-trip Donnie” was born.


  13. That was also the first time I saw the “warning to the benches” from the umpire enforced when Kershaw hit Rowland, and both Kershaw and Torre were ejected in the 7th.


  14. Andrew Friedman, the team’s president of baseball operations, said he would like to hire a manager in time for baseball’s annual winter meetings in early December.

    So what is the plan here…Aren’t the top choices also in line elsewhere? Are they gonna settle for whatever is left?

    Kapler seems like an odd bird…

    Kapler also authors a blog about nutrition and fitness. In August, he used the platform to encourage baseball players to expose their private parts to sunlight as a method of increasing testosterone production.

    This seems like a good way to get Melanoma of the nut sack if you ask me…



    • Spring Training 2016

      New manager Gabe Kapler has just released the weeks agenda

      Pitchers will report to the rooftop for nut sunning exercises Mondays and Thursdays from 8 am until noon.
      Position players will report to the rooftop for nut sunning exercises Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 am until noon.

      Wednesdays are reserved for the minor league side of camp.
      Everyone will report to the trainers office on weekends for lotion therapy.

      By Opening Day the organization plans to introduce a tanning microwave to help move the testosterone program along.


  15. Well, I’m in, and rooting for KC in the World Series. In fact, I’m liking this teams so much, I’ll probably stay on and at least follow them in 2016. Seems like such a refreshing change.


  16. My only real concern in choosing the new manager is that the FO will go for another rookie manager without minor league experience. We do not need Donnie version 2.0. Just sayin’ . . . . .


  17. I’m probably in the minority being surprised that Mattingly is no longer the Dodger manager. But I still can’t see how a change is going to make a difference.
    I think if the Dodgers do win a pennant next year, it will be because of more than that.


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