Game 5 – HFA


Now that Clayton Kershaw has won Game 4 in New York City, ain’t it nice to have home field advantage and play Game 5 of the NLDS in Dodger Stadium? Yeah. Ain’t it nice to have Zack Greinke starting the game?  Yeah.  Will the Dodgers offense bring their “A” game?  They better.  You know the Mets will bring their “A” game.

Where does this game fit within the recent (27 year) history of the Dodgers World Series Quest?  Nine years out of the twenty-seven years (that’s 1/3 of the time for us math geniuses), the Dodgers have made the playoffs.  Of the prior eight playoff trips, only three times did the Dodgers make it through the Division Series and advance to the National League Championship Series (NLCS trips were in 2008, 2009, and 2013).  Zero times in twenty-seven years have the Dodgers won the NLCS and advance to the World Series.

The last time the Dodgers won Game 5 of the NLDS was 1981.  Hey, there wasn’t no Division Series that long ago!  Yes, there was, in 1981, because of the stupid strike!  So, there is a precedent.  And, by the way, as we all know, the Dodgers went on to win the World Series in 1981.

So here we go up against Jacob deGrom again, this time with Zack Greinke.  Dodger4Life has already provided some nice stats on Greinke’s success in terms of how many innings he has pitched and the wins and losses.  This is bound to be a pitcher’s duel and some great baseball watching.  A grit it out, defense matters, and one or two couple small ball runs could determine the victor of the game.  Expect to see Chris Hatcher and Kenley Jansen pitch and maybe pitch longer than their normal sets.  Don’t expect to see Joel Peralta on the mound.

Go Dodgers!


92 thoughts on “Game 5 – HFA

  1. oldbrooklynfan
    October 14, 2015 at 11:28 am Edit

    HFA was something we all wondered about, hoped for and won. Now it’s time to see if it was all worth while. I think having the last AB is an advantage. Another thing that could help is the fans. I know Utley was a lot of incentive for the Met fans but I’m sure LA can find something to make noise about. I don’t really think the fans can irritate a visiting team, but you can sure try.
    I hope the fans make sure the Dodgers hear them and KNOW THAT THEY ARE THERE.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!


    • OBF – I pulled your comment forward into the next post. I agree totally with your comment. Great minds think alike. Yeah, the last at bat is perhaps more important than the fans, but the fan support is important too. I think the Mets fan noise in Game 4 caused the umpire to not hear David Wright’s foul tip in the eighth inning.


  2. Please….no Carl! I’d rather have Joc roaming center field (even if he strikes out) than a piss poor hitting and fielder like CC. Kike can play right or left if Donnie wants him in there.


    • Dodgers Digest has a whole write-up on the outfield. Andre is the only sure starter in their write-up. Tru has made the case for no Carl – he’s not hitting a thing. Joc needs to be patrolling center field, because it’s going to be a pitcher’s duel. Puig isn’t ready. Ruggiano is a lefty masher. Kike is also a lefty masher, but he provides enough offense against the righties and can give this team the energy they need to win this all important game.

      I’m not sure what the lineup looks like, but Justin Turner pretty much has to be #3, followed by Gonzalez. Let’s see:

      Kendrick 2b
      Seager ss
      Turner 3b
      Gonzalez 1b
      Ethier rf
      Ellis c
      Hernandez lf
      Pederson cf
      Greinke p

      Something like that. Grandal’s shoulder will determine whether he can start in place of Ellis, but it sure doesn’t seem likely.


  3. Thankfully we have a day off between the next game and last night’s intensity. I feel good about Zack getting the start. The rest is up to Donnie-boy to put together the right combination against deGrom.

    It’s so good to connect with everyone here. Since I don’t have a home computer anymore, it’s tough to stay in touch! I’m actually at the library “borrowing” computer time. What else can I say except GO DODGERS! Will catch up when I’m able.

    Sending lots of good thoughts to everyone. See you all soon!!


  4. NY’s Daily News, my daily paper has the Dodger lineup with Crawford LF leading off, with no Kike’ but what do they know?
    I keep thinking of how it will be if the Dodgers lose. I seem to be preparing myself for the downfall. This is a natural occurrence with me, in these crucial moments.
    I never think about how I’ll be if they win.
    Great to hear from Sparkleplenty.


      • Yes there is…I’m rowing her around the lake right now, while she fly fishes from the tip of my canoe. Man, I’m tellin’ ya’…She can whip an artificial frog back and forth all day long pulling in big ones… I had her wear the swimsuit with bunting today…It encourages my rowing stroke.


          • When I was in college I would take tennis for PE (yes, that’s how long ago I was in college) and I had it great. We played mixed doubles and my partner had a great view from behind, and the other doubles couple that played us every other match, well lets say I had a great view from the front. Somehow my partner and I never lost a match all semester.

            I may not have known tennis, but I knew what I liked.


            • I used to know this girl who always sat behind me in church…my family usually sat in the front row too. This girl would pinch my ass through the open section of the pew for the whole hour, while snickering. The preacher was always eye-balling me cause I was always squirming around and wouldn’t sit still. My father was angry at first till he found out what was going on…then he just laughed along with her. That girl was really cute, but she scared the crap out of me.


  5. I haven’t seen a line up yet, but I agree Crawford should sit, though if he plays, he’s due for some hits. I’d think twice about Joc if you’re looking for offense. I don’t think that swing and big bat are going to get it, especially with those shadows at the stadium. I think the scoring will come late, after the lights can take effect. I had thought working the count and running up deGrom’s pitch count might be a way to go, but then you don’t want to get behind either. This will not be easy.
    That game in Toronto yesterday was one of the weirdest things I’ve seen. I’m glad Martin wasn’t the goat in this one.


  6. Game 5 Lineup

    Kendrick 2B
    Seager SS
    Gonzalez 1B
    Turner 3B
    Ethier RF
    Grandal C
    Hernandez LF
    Pederson CF
    Greinke P

    Wow! I think you all know that I agree with this lineup. With the obvious exception of Yasmani Grandal’s left shoulder, this is the lineup that I/you all asked for. No Carl Crawford!

    Let’s Go Dodgers! Get ‘er done!


  7. Game 1 against deGrom: Howie 2-for-4, Seager 1-for-4, Gonzalez 1-for-4, Turner 2-for-4. I just noticed that Donnie flipped my Turner/Gonzalez in the lineup.


  8. Im more concerned about Granderson, Murphy, comforto and cespedes hitting (NOT!) vs Greinke.

    This is all hands. If grandal can hit and throw runners out Im good. But if Grandal is as unproductive as Crawford, then he really cant be replaced, as ELLIS is our only back up.
    I think Utley may play big in this game. I want to hear “I LOVE LA” blasting from the PA system tonight!!!
    GO Dodgers!


  9. I’m conflicted with the TBS pregame crew. Three former Dodgers whom have all evolved into big time Dodger haters. Dusty, Gary & Pedro.
    Dre getting some mike time. I hope he mashes that mullet head de Grom!!


  10. MLB has posted the Cubs will start Lester in game one & Arrieta in game two of the NLCS.
    I saw the Vegas bookies have the Cubs favored winning it all. We shall see. . .


  11. holy shit! wow! a walk leads to a run? brain fart. but no hitting with RISP Just Fucked . I guess Hot Stove is next. It was a great season despite this obtuse ending ( we really should of won), and Grienke will be gone, not Donnie, This has become a favorite blog of mine, GO Dodgers! and rally bums shall prevail!


  12. The only fire I saw all night was Kershaw drumming the top of the dugout rail during the 1st inning two-run rally and Ethier telling Donnie to FO. I’m not saying the players had no passion or fire–I’m sure they all did. But no one showed the fire, and sometimes, that’s what you need to spark a team. The longer the game went on, the worse I felt about their chances.

    But, such is life. This ownership group is too smug and conceited for my liking. I almost enjoyed Magic’s blue funk on camera. Keeping Vin Scully from his audience for two entire seasons is all I need to know about them. Like the Beatles sang, “money can’t buy me love.” Or a hard-nosed championship baseball team.


  13. Greinke pitched a great game, with just the 1st inning double and the Murphy solo HR against him. Corey Seager is responsible for the “shift / walk / stolen base”. That play was almost as dumb as Russell Martin’s throw back to the pitcher hitting Choo’s bat and leading to the steal of home by Odor.

    I’m sure Beav and/or Bear will say it, so I might as well say it first. The team as it is constructed isn’t going to get a World Series Championship. Do a two year rebuilding and shoot for domination in 2018 and beyond. This is a perfect time to trade off Ethier, now that he has shown he can hit again. Trade Gonzalez for some younger players. Let Greinke go, he may not have it by 2018. Build the 2018 team around Kershaw, Seager, Hernandez, Pederson, Peraza, Puig, Grandal, Barnes, and Urias. Trade off anybody over age 30, including the resurgent Andre Ethier. I’d keep Justin Turner, if he can get his knee situation remedied with surgery.


  14. Now that this typically futile playoff is over, I don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to root for the Cubbies.
    I’d also be happy with either KC or Toronto winning the whole thing – it would be a nice change of pace from the usual winners; no Cards, no Giants.
    Fire Donnie and his whole staff IMMEDIATELY!
    Frankly I would thin out the whole Front Office – I don’t care who; not impressed with Friedman or Zaidi either one.


  15. I was at the game tonight and I must say that first inning was as intense as any time I can remember at Dodger Stadium in a long time. It was great. Unfortunately, our boys continued a season long trend to get runners on base but leave them there. They had enough chances to blow open the game but couldn’t do it. The home run was conspicuously absent from this series and while there were a bunch of doubles, they typically came to start an inning. The Mets made the most of the few opportunities they had with runners in scoring position and hit key homers while the Dodgers squandered so many more opportunities and except for two meaningless home runs in the blowout loss, Mets pitching kept the ball in the park.

    Needless to say I am quite disappointed but not totally surprised. We all knew this team’s shortcomings coming into the series but I had hoped for the best and believed the Dodgers could win. Except for the game started by Wood, the pitching was good (except with regard to getting Murphy out) but the offense didn’t provide enough run support.

    I don’t really know what the Dodgers will do over the offseason. I cannot blame Mattingly for losing this series but I understand he will take the heat. Maybe in a few days I will be in a better mood to talk about next season.

    It didn’t help my day that UCLA got steamrolled tonight as well. Quite the black and blue day for my household and a depressing sports section to look forward to in the morning.

    But one thing I can say for sure. Win or lose, disappointment or jubilation, the Dodgers (and Bruins) are my teams. Sometimes it is tough being a sports fan.

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  16. Ok, so maybe I do have more to say right now. I believe the first priority for upper management is to do whatever it can to figure out a way to fix the TV deal. It is time to get creative and understand that despite Magic’s stupid and insensitive statement that not having the games accessible to more fans has not hurt the brand (which may be true now but still stupid and insensitive to rub it in), it is a huge black mark on the organization. All anyone in management has to do is read comments on Facebook. As an alternative, at least try to prove that there really is nothing management can do to resolve this problem. I still don’t believe there is nothing they can do. It is ludicrous my son in North Carolina can watch any game he wants on but fans in the L.A. area can’t even if willing to pay for the same service.

    Now I am done for tonight.


  17. That was painful to watch. I really thought that this year they would get to the World Series. As they used to say in Flatbush, “Wait ’til next year. “


  18. Biggest observation of the postseason? This team doesn’t elevate its game for the playoffs like other teams do. They go about their business the same as always and with the same results. Other than a couple weeks where they put some distance between themselves and the Giants, they played exactly as they had all season in September and [as usual] weren’t playing their best ball going in to the playoffs. No point in winning the division year in and year out if that’s all you do. Given the current conditions, if Kersh stays with the team his entire career he’ll become the Dodger’s Ernie Banks.

    Its time to clean house now, and I don’t just mean the coaching staff. Too many fat prima donnas past their prime that are as useful as tits on a boar. It’ll be interesting to see if this FO puts together a team worth watching for next year. Otherwise I may have to start taking interest in the Astros since they’re local and at least play with some fire.

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  19. Same old story. You could see it coming, plain as day. Inning after inning runners in scoring position were stranded and I finally said this was going to come back and bite us on the ass in one hour. I’d like to know how many others thought that. Same old story.
    The way forward is pretty clear: clone Turner.

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    • The big distinction about Turner is that things weren’t given to him on a silver platter. He worked for it in face of adversity. I read about how he practiced hitting during the off-season last year, and my impression is that he did it on his own – no coaching staff there to help him. Now that I think about it, that was probably all to the good, because this coaching staff is much more likely to screw you up, just like they’ve done with Pederson and likely to do with Seager if they’re still around next year. I also doubt that Urias will turn into this phenom in the Dodgers’ organization. More likely he’ll be another Lee, except younger.

      Mostly after this season I want see HEADS ROLL! I don’t see anybody in the Front Office who’s indispensable, from Kasten on down.


    • Griz, you read my mind. I was watching the game, seeing the stranded runners and thought, “This is not going to work. We got to get at least 4 or 5 runs.” But what can we do now except repeat that old adage, “Wait till next year”. Just wish the FO had the insight we’ve displayed here. Then maybe they’d have a clue!


  20. Murphy going from 1st to 3rd on a walk was a perfect summary for the season. The 2015 Dodgers played very nice baseball…but with little or no desperation. I know you can’t be psychotic for 162 games over six months, but, really, this team played all year like there would always be a tomorrow. But, now, even that’s gone. Hell, Utley, in one slide, turned in the most intense play of the season; he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but he sure as hell meant to play like there was a season on the line. The future of this team lies with the kids, yet NO ONE in the organization had a clue as to how to bring Pederson out of his second half nose-dive, or Puig, from his whole-season back slide (injuries be damned). Where is the teaching? Where is the coaching? Where is the improvement? Every player they traded for at the deadline GOT WORSE wearing Dodger blue. Who’s covering 3rd base on a walk with the asinine shift in play? Where is three days in a row of the same damn line-up? A lot of the media want to give Mattingly a pass, saying he’s not the one hitting or pitching. BS. It’s his ship, his and Friedman. Glug, glug, glug.

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  21. Unacceptable!!

    However, not surprising. It is time for some major changes to this flawed team. Starting with the dismissal of Mattingly and McGwire.


  22. The training staff has to go! Just the sheer number of hamstring issues alone causes a question as to what the hell the training staff does. They sure haven’t been getting these players in shape to last a full season.


  23. I dont know about the organizational changes that will come, if any? But regarding the game last night, it was the Dodgers game to Lose, they had lead, they came right back in the first and took the lead.
    The players on the field made some bone head mistakes, yea covering third on the walk, but the real killer was Dre catching the foul ball of D’Naurd(sp), if he let it drop it would of been strike 2, and Grienke could of had a chance to get out of the inning a strike out perhaps.(Was that what Donnie and DRE were yelling about?) And yes numerous times to just get One Hit with RISP, but that is how that goes.
    AS much of a downer that game ending season was, I dont think the FO feels that the Dodgers are out of Whack, and may not do anything. But the people here have pointed out the Flaws: 1. NO TV in LA 2.Poor medical staff. 3. poor coaching staff
    and don’t think it will be any cake walk next year, its and even year, so the Gnats will be ready and the Padres and Snakes will improve and gel.


  24. If the Dodgers could’ve capitalized on some of their opportunities (2 – 13 w RISP) especially the last 11, the Murphy sneak to third would not have resulted in such a big play.
    I’m not a big believer in hard luck but somehow I can’t stop thinking of the number 13. The 13 de Grom strikeouts in the first game, the 13 runs the Met’s scored in the 3rd game and the 2 – 13 w RISP by the Dodgers last night. O.K. It’s probably just me.
    I also want to say that with Cubs moving up to a possible pennant clinching after 70 years, maybe they are moving over for the Dodgers and this is the changing of the guard. If you know what I mean.
    Just saying.


  25. Like lbirk, I have two teams I stick with win, lose or draw. The Dodgers, who flamed out once again, ruining Friday, and Oklahoma, who failed to show up last week against Texas. Very little in the way of blocking and tackling.
    A decent showing against K-Sate today can salvage a bit of the week, otherwise….
    It is indeed tough being a sports fan at times.


    • I was reading somewhere that since Conte took over the Dodgers have had the second most games lost in terms of injuries during that time span. 5000+ I believe. For a guy who’s supposed to be deeply into prognosticating injuries and finding a way to prevent them, he sure was failing. I’d surmise he probably saw the writing on the wall and decided to bow out gracefully rather than get fired.

      Personally, I’ve never thought much of his abilities. Hell, he gave Schmidt and Jones a clean bill of health when in fact Schmidt’s arm was about to fall off and Jones had a golf ball sized wart behind one knee. I think his true talent lay in recommending the cream or the clear to Bonds and that was about it.

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