Playoff Bound


Playoff Roster Guess

In two days’ time, the magic number has dropped from seven to three.  Clinching the division title should come soon.  The clinch will likely happen during this Rockies series in Colorado, or during the Giants series in San Francisco.  The next question will be, who will be on the roster for the playoffs?

Starting Pitchers – Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, Brett Anderson, Alex Wood.  Wood has had experience in relief.  This additional flexibility may come in handy.

Bullpen – Kenley Jansen (closer), Chris Hatcher (set up man), Juan Nicasio (long relief).  These three seem to be certain.  Add a couple lefties, probably JP Howell and Luis Avilan.  Then the question becomes how many more and which ones?  I would go with Pedro Baez and Yimi Garcia, then stop there.  This leaves out Jim Johnson, Adam Liberatore, and everyone else.

Catchers – Yasmani Grandal and AJ Ellis.  Pretty straightforward, unless you add Austin Barnes, who could also be used elsewhere.  I would not, because there are other players better than Barnes.

Infield – Adrian Gonzalez, Howie Kendrick, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Jimmy Rollins, and Chase Utley.  The only question in my mind is how often Corey Seager starts games.  Notice that I left out Alex Guerrero.  Also, Jose Peraza is left out, probably even if he is healthy.

Outfield – Andre Ethier, Joc Pederson, Carl Crawford, Scott Van Slyke, Justin Ruggiano, and Kike Hernandez (assuming he is healthy).  Left out are Yasiel Puig and Chris Heisey.  If healthy, Hernandez can be used in both the outfield and the infield.  He also plays a decent center field.

That’s eleven pitchers and fourteen position players.


43 thoughts on “Playoff Bound

  1. I like the positive trajectory of this Arrow. Yea I like trashing my Dodgers sometimes too, after all they at one time, Oh when OBF was much younger, they were the Daffy Dodgers, and really that Tuesday night game showed that aspect of this team, then the last two days they look like WS bound legit team. yea I poke at Carl Crawford because he has had easy money since being a Dodger, and he has so much more to offer than what I see, so surprise me Carl!!
    I agree with the post season roster posted in the grand scheme, but I have to see some rivalry game with the gnats to really evaluate. Yea I would like to clinch sooner than later, but to pop Champagne at the Phone Booth would be great.
    I might add Frias to the pitchers. I hope Kike returns. Im on the fence about puig, only because he really hasnt done much with the bat, He has full out potential to change a game with all his tools, but being on the shelf this long?, and there is a dugout presence I wonder about. If he starts getting animated over strike calls, or bad at bats, and starts the little league attitude in the dugout, who needs that, especially in the play-off series.
    Go Dodgers!


    • Eric Stephen of TBLA thinks Puig should be added whenever he is healthy and ready to go. After reading your comments, I side with you. Maybe Puig will become more mature by having to sit on the sidelines throughout the playoffs (and the World Series, if the Great Blue Dodger in the Sky is willing).

      The team “chemistry” is starting to coalesce around veteran leaders like Rollins and Utley, Par Excellent pitchers like Kershaw and Greinke, and the youth (the “yute”) like Seager, Pederson, and Hernandez. Oh, and the quiet consistent performance of Adrian Gonzalez. Guys like this can perform when needed, then use this credibility to be outspoken leaders – such as Kershaw and AJ Ellis have done lately. Ethier needs to speak up also – maybe he is, but it’s just not coming out through the media.


  2. The playoff roster looks good. If Hernandez isn’t ready, then you can add Frias.
    We get the Rox feed here, so I’ll get to see all three this weekend. I’m hoping to see Tommy or Pee wee here tomorrow. I think Bolsinger gets the ball tonight, so maybe he’ll rediscover his curve and keep it in the park.


    • It’s too early to choose a bullpen for anything, but tonight’s game, if you ask me…The way this squad has responded all year, things could look different in a week or so. Puig, if healthy, should be in the line-up. I wouldn’t expect to find any problems as far as chemistry goes just because someone makes the post season roster. I would look for a trade partner for Puig in the off-season though. I just don’t think he can stay in the type of shape he was in as a rookie. I wouldn’t expect Seager to start from the get go if everyone is healthy either. I just don’t think he’ll take Rollins or Turners spot until they struggle? I’m also rooting for Frias to become part of the bully.

      Just because the Giants are hedging their bets towards an early exit, doesn’t mean the Dodgers have won anything yet.
      ( They’re close though… )


  3. I’d have to side with leaving Puig off the playoff roster. He hasn’t shown anything that Kike hasn’t. Hell as far as I’m concerned I’d take Barnes over Puig. They play better ball without him. I’d make him earn a spot on the roster next ST also. Maybe if he actually has to work for something he’ll become a better man and player. Right now they can’t afford his bonehead play and juvenile antics.


    • On second thought…I’d leave Puig off as well. I thought his numbers were better this year than .250 BA with an OBP of .296. Kiki has to be on the squad. The guy has too many skills and way too much energy to be left behind!


    • Who am I to question Donnie the Great? But where the heck is Corey Seager? Did he shit in Mattingly’s Cheerios? Probably the reason is to get enough games under Howie’s belt, that he is ready for the playoffs. Meanwhile, give Chase some more time at 3B so he is ready there. But still, it burns.


  4. I would be surprised if Puig is healthy enough or in good enough baseball shape to participate again this season so it may be a moot point. We really don’t know yet if Kike will be healthy enough. Currently, the Dodgers are dealing with Crawford’s shoulder, Adrian’s back, management’s feelings that Cory Seager may be overworked from all the at bats, how to handle the pitching the last week of the regular season, Donnie’s steadfast reluctance to allow Ethier to be on the field if a left handed pitcher is on the mound, Turner’s knee, Donnie’s past history of being more concerned about protecting and preparing his players for post season than trying to win games for home field advantage, and probably other things I have not considered.


  5. You have to feel for Bolsinger. He pitched reasonably well early in the season but management obviously felt he was not good enough so they got someone else. We all know how that worked out and now Bolsinger seems all messed up.


  6. This team better hope to get rainouts between Kersh and Greinke’s starts or it has no chance in the playoffs.

    Of course, the way Donnie manages it doesn’t matter anyway.


  7. Oh well. I hope Anderson has better luck than Bolsinger. Meanwhile, Sonny Gray has calmed down and maybe we can still get to Magic Number Two tonight.


  8. All told, last night was a dud. We all know how the game went, but I also had to put up with the Rox announcers and statisticians. For the majority off the time you’d barely know there was a game on. One of them is retiring,which took a lot of time, and then they went on to babble about not much, hogging the screen and, oh yeah, the game a little. Turned them off. Normally they are pretty knowledgeable.


  9. I’d like to think we could get a couple of good games out of the back end of the rotation and stay ahead of the Mets. They don’t seem to be there, though.


  10. My apologies to 32and53. I was attempting to delete the post that didn’t have any comment and hit the wrong one. When I pulled it out of the trash bin and re-posted it, this is where it ended up.


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