“So Long Summer” – Dodgers and Pirates

 Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Pitching matchups are a big key as they are in all games and the Dodgers open up a three game series with Pittsburgh starting tonight. The Pirates will face the big two for the Dodgers in Greinke (today) and Kershaw (tomorrow), with Bolsinger (Sunday) as they attempt to maintain their two game hold on the NL Wild Cards top spot over the Cubs.


The Dodgers who are in the midst of trying to wrap up a division crown, will first face two lefties in Jeff Locke and Francisco Liriano, before closing things up against the 16 game winner, righty, Garrit Cole.

These are the type of games where every little thing counts. It’s that time of year where you must limit your team’s mistakes, while aggressively elevating your style of play.


This is where we show the world we’re Dodger Proud and Dodger Strong!!

Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!

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57 thoughts on ““So Long Summer” – Dodgers and Pirates

  1. Dodgers lineup:
    Ruggiano LF
    Utley 2B
    Turner 3B
    Gonzalez 1B
    Ellis C
    Seager SS
    Heisey RF
    Pederson CF
    Greinke P
    Pirates lineup:
    Polanco RF
    Marte LF
    McCutchen CF
    Ramirez 3B
    Walker 2B
    Alvarez 1B
    Mercer SS
    Stewart C
    Locke P


  2. Francisco Liriano (10-7, 3.45 ERA) was the Pirates Opening Day Starter in 2014 and 2015

    Taken from( Wiki ) Liriano’s name resides on MLB’s list of pitchers who have struck-out 4 batters in an inning.

    Liriano is a four-pitch pitcher. To left-handed hitters he throws a four-seam fastball, a two-seam fastball (both averaging about 93 mph), and a slider (mid 80s). Against right-handers, he adds a mid-80s changeup. More than half of his pitches with 2 strikes are sliders, perhaps due to the relatively high whiff rate — 43% over his career. He has one of the league’s highest whiff rates on a slider with 2 strikes.

    After throwing 160+ innings so far this season, Liriano received some much needed rest. 2015 has been his most productive season since 2010, when he finished with 191 2/3 innings pitched. He will be rebounding tonight, from a short stint during his last outing of 2 1/2 innings. Liriano is the 2010 AL Comeback Player of the Year, and the 2013 NL Comeback Player of the Year. He is just shy of his 32 birthday (October 26, 1983).
    Liriano will be attempting his comeback from extra rest, against Clayton Kershaw (14-6, 2.12 ERA)


  3. A well played “feel good” game from the boys last night.

    I’m really hoping SVS or Puig makes it back in time for the playoffs. Anything to keep Heisey off the roster. I can see platooning Dre & Ruggiano the way Ruggs is raking lefties, but I sure can’t see platooning Dre with Heisey.

    I’m really liking the Seager kid. Don’t think its too coincidental that Rollins finger is still hurting.


  4. I have been disappointed with SS position most of the year. Rollins as lead-off and batting about .200 just doesnt do it for me, although he may be the best glove at that position, I am excited about Seager, I want to see more, whereas with Rollins I have seen enough. Would be very irritated if Rollins was just given his position back, due to $$ or professional courtesy. I wish he would do the Classy and say “Hey Dodgers, your future SS is here, let the seagar kid play”. With Kendrick coming back, I miss him and hope he comes back like he left; or rested and better. Yes I would like to see Kike the banana back, see how he performs. Joc seems to be getting back on track, but having Kike healthy provides so many more options.
    just wait and see.


  5. Interesting reading in today’s L.A. Times. First and foremost, Dylan Hernandez writes about the Dodger’s hamstring injury issue, where we learn that “fast” runners are more subject to hamstring injuries than “slow” runners because the slower runners are “under control” all of the time. The Dodger strength and conditioning coach has worked with the players to improve running form but “old habits are hard to break, particularly in the heat of competition”. The article did point out that many of these injuries occur as a player makes the extra effort running to first base, especially when trying to reach for the bag.

    The second interesting tidbit is Dodger Eric had another letter published in which he criticizes Donnie for not allowing Wood to complete Wednesday’s game.


  6. This Heisey experiment has got to end! I know, I’ve said it before….but, Andre can do better than .157 even against a lefty! Not only that, he adds some fear to the pitchers. I’m so pissed off, I’d throw something at Mattingly, given the chance, just to wake him up and try to do his job!


  7. Curious events in that game: Again Barnes PHs for Joc in the 7th, He did that vs Rockies (and really barnes got a lucky drop in between 3 fielders), Joc Has got to get experience in these situations. The other curious thing was Kershaw coming in the 8th, with his pitch count where it was, He could of got the NO Decision, but out he went to win or lose, coughed up a lead off double and the game. Just interesting. Very much shades of October vs the Cards.
    Today I dont see the Dodgers winning, and a Sunday Line up I bet, but Go Dodgers! just the same!


    • Kershaw was good enough to win the game. Donnie is the one who blew it. As you said, Barnes…WTF and, he keeps trotting out Heisey as if he’s a player. The bottom of our lineup was pathetic….at least spread the crap throughout the lineup.


  8. That righty vs. lefty game plan really sucks, and, of course, Donnie is the main component of that strategy. If you’re incompetent at the major league level, a la Heisey, you’re still incompetent. If you’re Andre, you ought to sue Donnie not only for his management incompetence but for ruining your major league career. Guys like Mattingly should never be allowed to manage, but then people like the Guggenholes shouldn’t be allowed to own sports franchises.


  9. Last night was another of those disappointing losses started by Kershaw/Greinke that is more a product of the offense not being able to score enough runs rather than the pitching giving up too many runs. I realize this could be said of just about any baseball game but considering the high expectations anytime either of these two premier pitchers, any loss is painful. Donnie gets criticized for leaving these guys in or for taking them out. I do think his lefty/righty platooning is much more of an issue.

    The Dodgers face a tough test today no matter the lineup as they have not done well against very good pitching this season.


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