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How to Get to the Playoffs

Wouldn’t it be nice to clinch the division before the Dodgers have to play the Giants again?  The Dodgers would basically need to keep pace with the Giants over the next five series (16 games for the Dodgers and 15 games for the Giants).  The only apparent road block to that plan is the series with the Pirates.  Other than, of course, the Dodgers hitting woes, bullpen weakness, and growing injury list.

Likely Playoff Matchups

If all goes according to plan (the better teams all win), the Dodgers will have to beat the Mets, the Cards, and the Royals to get the World Series rings.  None of those teams have super strong splits against left-handed pitchers, so a rotation of Kershaw, Greinke, Anderson, and Wood should do just fine.

Weak Spots on the Team

  • Hitting – Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, and Yasmani Grandal are all mired in deep, deep hitting slumps.
  • Bullpen – Is Chris Hatcher really the eighth inning setup man?  Can he get the job done?
  • Which of our injured players will be back and ready for the playoffs?  Jimmy Rollins?  Howie Kendrick?  Kike Hernandez? Yasiel Puig?
  • Lineups – If Turner isn’t hitting, can Corey Seager start at third base against right handed starting pitchers?

99 thoughts on “Snakes Snakes

    • Boy! How I wish we were twins Dodger4life. As you can clearly see though, I’m not the current MVP and NL Cy Young winner such as yourself. I’m just a proud & lovable bum… I have kin-folk around these parts though, you may have seen them? They are mostly girls that like to kick it at the local beach before heading to the Ravine for the game.. They call themselves the Rally Bums. I hear they were undefeated until Donnie and the bullpen messed everything up!


  1. No! I can’t say I’ve seen them Deefore…But I will ask the Mrs…She has a keener awareness as to our surroundings here in L.A.! You know, ’cause I’m always dialed in on that strike zone thing. Or, thinking about how that Ump last night must be skipping his Metamucil dose. His strike zone was really high, it was almost as if he couldn’t crouch all the way down where he’d notice a low strike. Yeah, that’s our Donnie, er, I mean bully, er, I mean, I hear Honeybuns, er, I mean, Honeycutt calling me Deefore, I have to go!


  2. Baby Snakes! Oh My that song fits in with D4 and his Rally Bums. Frank Zappa a true LA original.
    Yes seriously the Dodgers have issues as pointed out here. If the Dodgers’ starters get 6 innings with a lead, then yes most teams have their 7, 8 9 inning pitchers picked out. The Dodgers Do NOT. In fact, perhaps a look at what part of the line-up is coming may require Jansen to pitch the 8th, rather than the 9th, in the Angels game we lost, perhaps it would of been better that way, with Jansen facing Calhoun, Trout and pujols, a crap shoot , I know.
    Hatcher has improved since coming back. Baez just doesn’t seem to have confidence , although he has good stuff. Johnson, Inconsistent, but I am waiting for him to be. I feel for Donnie in this regard, “who do I put in that will get outs?”
    and if the hitting, especially that bases loaded, and RBI stuff doesn’t come together, it wont matter who is coming out of the Bull Pen.
    There are so many concerns to be played out. When Howie comes back: 1. Where does Utley go? 3rd?
    Where does Turner go? Bench, why because he not hitting? What if Howie is not hitting? How long does he have “to get his swing together”?
    The Outfield: Joc has started to hit singles and Doubles, that is great news rather than the predictable : SO, BB or HR. I would like him in CF, but Im not thrilled about .200 hitter starting in CF. Dre has to Play, I guess Im a Loyal Fan of those that have given there all to the Dodgers. Dre has had fantastic season, to think he was on the shelf last year; and coming in to ST this year, he was on the bubble to play, the guy has done what was needed, so leave with who brought to the dance. LF My sarcasm towards Crawford has become surprise. SVS also praise worthy. But I have not forgot Kike, and the Banana Rally, I think Kike could be quite a Catalyst on this team, just where to play him?
    This is all over whelming, I just hope the Dodgers get so Hot in Late September and carry on through the World series, with whomever plays.


  3. The announcers on both TV and radio last night continued a discussion that they have had since the September call ups. As long as I can remember there have always been September call ups and once in a while one of them makes a significant contribution to the team. The discussion seemed to imply that MLB needs to do something about limiting the number of call ups because it makes it more difficult to manage a game when there are so many more players available, especially pitchers. Clearly the Dodgers have benefited by these callus with so many injuries to everyday players while some teams use the call ups as an opportunity to evaluate talent. The question being asked is why does MLB play most of the season under one set of roster rules and then play what many believe is the most important stretch of the season with a much different set of roster rules? I do not recall this being discussed so much in prior seasons.
    I do not know for sure if the rules have changed over the years allowing teams to expand the roster by more players but I do think it is an interesting question.

    I like the idea, especially when it give a player like Corey Seager a chance. But is it good if it gives a manager an almost unlimited supply of pitchers to counter every move of the opposition? Should teams be limited not so much by how many players they can bring up but by how many can suit up for a particular game?

    So is this really an issue at all? I did not think so until I heard some of the arguments questioning the current policy. All teams play by the same rules so it would not seem a team might have an advantage but clearly a player called up in September could have a big impact on division or wild card spot. At the very least a call up in September could be the next superstar and gain valuable experience playing in major league games, some of which may have no bearing on the standings while others certainly could.

    Your thoughts?


  4. I read somewhere of having a September “Taxi Squad” of, say, ten players, with the game roster still set at 25. On any given night, the manger could select 25 players for the game from this pool of 35 players.

    And Kevin Kennedy was also talking last night that MLB has to revisit the challenge rule. Games are much slower this year, with managers dissecting every call. I read the rule and it says ONE challenge per game, with additional challenges if each challenge is upheld and the play overturned. Geez, it seems like there are endless challenges.


  5. Good conversation about the rosters. I agree with Khali that the replay delays are of much more concern.

    Good to see the Dodgers take atvantage of De La Rosa, especially Seager’s hit after being knocked down. Hopefully management will find a spot for him come playoff time.


  6. Seager appears to be a keeper and has a hot bat. So naturally Donnie’s already announced Rollins will get his job back when he returns. Yeah, I wouldn’t want a guy hitting .400+ in the line up. 200+ is much better.

    Nice to see Joc got his average back to .220, even if it was only for 1 AB.

    Why this team didn’t go out and get better pitching than Latos & Wood I’ll never know. Though if they’d just pitch even remotely close to what they were when we got them if would help.


  7. I see where Puig is rehabbing in AZ, but doesn’t even show up for the Dodgers’ games. Tells you a lot about his clubhouse manner and perhaps also how his teammates feel about him. I’d jettison the Cuban asshole (perhaps to San Diego where Logan who signed him now resides) and be rid of him once and for all. I have close to the same opinion about Guerrero.


  8. The Red Sox are only 7 games behind in the AL Wild Card race. They need to overcome the White Sox, Orioles, Mariners, Rays, Indians. Angels and Twins.
    The Giants are 8.5 games behind in the NL Wild Card race. They need to overcome the Cubs. My point is, most have thought of the Red Sox as non-existent in the playoff race for sometime now. Yet the Giants seem to always be breathing down our necks.
    Run it out…play till the end…keep your eye on the ball…become victors!


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