Thoughts About the Increased Running Game

Koufax brought up the subject of the Dodgers recent increased use of the running game.


So here is a short off-day thread, before the series begins with the D-Backs.


Here’s a rundown of the number of games played, with bases stolen, plus bases in which they were caught stealing each month.

Sept – 9 games played – 12 bases stolen – 2 games with zero stolen – caught stealing 1 time
August – 27 games played – 18 bases stolen – 19 games with zero bases stolen – caught stealing 4 times
July – 24 games played – 7 bases stolen – 18 games with zero bases stolen – caught stealing 4 times
June – 30 games played – 2 bases stolen – 28 games with zero bases stolen – caught stealing 5 times
May – 28 games played – 5 bases stolen – 24 games with zero bases stolen – caught stealing 7 times
April – 21 games played – 7 bases stolen – 15 games with no bases stolen – caught stealing 8 times.

This is a rundown of the players, with their bases stolen and caught stealing numbers for the season..

Kendrick – 6 sb – 2 cs
Rollins – 12 – 8
Turner – 4 – 1
Ethier – 2 -3
Pederson – 3 – 6
Puig – 3- 3
Van Slyke – 3 – 1
Crawford – 9 – 1
Uribe – 1 – 0
Seagar – 1 – 0
Barnes – 1 – 0
Peraza – 3 – 0
Schebler – 2 – 0
Greinke – 1 – 0

Both Grandal and AGon have been caught stealing once without any stolen bases to their credit. Hernandez has been caught twice without any bases stolen to his credit.

Aside from all of the advantages that come from a solid running game. To me it leaves the impression that the team is alive and focused on the task of winning a ballgame. No longer are they leaning back on their heels waiting for someone to move them along.

Hopefully this will spark some debate or chatter this evening/tomorrow morning…where all of you will be sharing your thoughts on the subject, plus more…

Immensely hopeful that Crash will return to inking up another one of his informative post for the D-Backs series tomorrow.


We’re one month away from the NLDS – Game 1 begins on Oct. 9th, 2015 – TBS Network will carry the series.


21 thoughts on “Thoughts About the Increased Running Game

  1. Out of the 7 games against the Mets this season, the Dodgers have stolen 1 base each, in 4 of those games.

    Pitchers they tagged for the swiped bag.
    @ NY – July 26th – J. deGrom
    @ L.A. – July 3rd – N. Syndergaard
    @ L.A. – July 4th – M. Harvey
    @ L.A. – July 5th – S. Matz
    The Dodgers have stolen 1 base against St. Louis this season.
    @ L.A. – June 7th – L. Lynn
    Neither the Mets or the Cardinals have thrown out a Dodger base-runner this season.


    • Thanks Crash! I shall start using that scheduling feature as well. The way it’s been…I never know if you or Tru are working on something. Even if we just schedule a title and add to it later, it will inform the others of an intent. I’m glad you figured that option out, good work 🙂 I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game thread 🙂


  2. What started the running game? It seemed to coincide with Chase Utley’s arrival. Did Chase and Jimmy Rollins get together and punch out Donnie’s lights (see punching bear) until Donnie gave in?

    Did Chase teach the others how to read the pitchers?

    By the way, can we get the Punching Bear featured on the sidebar? I miss that bear.


    • I’ll get to work on that…plus if anyone wants to post the Rally Bum or anything else from the sidebar. You can do a screen grab, by right clicking on the object, saving the copy image url and then pasting that to the reply box in which you wish it to appear…same thing with the bear I think…Now, where did I leave that punching bear at?


  3. Hey y’all…The best news I’ve seen all day…is that the Jints are 8.5 games in back of our division leading Dodgers, and 9 games behind the leader of the second wildcard spot, the Cubbies.
    If that don’t make ya’ smile…you’re getting coal in your stocking this holiday season..


    • That pretty well cements the NL teams in the playoffs as:

      Pirates (wild card)
      Cubs (wild card)

      Unless, of course, one team swoons while another does the “Rockie Mountain High” rocket-on-fire pennant run.

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        • I changed the heading from The Punching Bear to something else…This is your bear now Crash, you can sneak in and change the heading when you feel the need. Although, since it is a messagebear now. You should probably get some input from the original messagebear, on headline topics. LMAO!


  4. For me, the running game seem to coincide with the arrival of Roenicke, he of Dodger instructional blood as a player and Scioscia tutelage in Anaheim. I doubt Donnie does anything in a vacuum, so I’m not going to credit him with an epiphany after five years. Not sure why they’re running unless someone in power had finally seen enough of this snail ball. The Dodgers have a rich history of running, regardless of blind speed. Hell, did you see Scioscia send Pujols last night? He’s just now getting to second base!!!!


  5. I don’t think its any coincidence either that they started winning more when they started running more. You just can’t play station to station offense and expect the 3-run bomb every night. When you pressure a defense by running you force them to make plays. The way it looks like major leaguers are schooled these days, more often than not they’re not going to make those plays.


  6. Is it just me, or, is this team alot more cohesive and functional when Puig is not around????

    I’m just saying what I’m seeing….

    Crash will let me know!!


    • I think the numbers speak to that as well as the outward appearance. Puig’s got a wealth of talent, but he’s obviously having trouble adjusting to the way the game is played in the states. In Cuba he was probably the center of attention in a show where bombasity (is that a word? It is now) was part of their game’s entertainment. That doesn’t play well here, especially to one’s teammates.

      To be honest, he really doesn’t fit Andrew’s “functioning baseball team” philosophy, and given his predilection towards stupidity on the base paths, I doubt he makes the playoff roster even if healthy (which he won’t be even if he is if you get my drift.) If that’s the case and he doesn’t make the playoff roster, that says a lot towards his importance to the team in general.

      I wouldn’t trade him for peanuts, but I’d certainly listen if someone wanted to give some real value.


    • The team’s record with Puig

      Sept. – So far he hasn’t played
      Aug. – 12 wins and 10 losses
      July – 14 wins and 10 losses
      June – 10 wins and 11 losses
      May – He didn’t play in May – The team had 17 wins and 12 losses. That is a 70% win rate.
      April – 6 wins and 5 losses
      Overall they are 42 and 35 and display a 55% win rate
      Overall for the year they have a 57% win rate
      Make of this what you will…
      I doubt this makes much difference. The bullpen isn’t linked to Puig, nor is the way we have used our starting pitchers. Puig is hitting .324 after 277 at bats. Love him or not, he produces.

      I’m not saying here that I wouldn’t be inclined to trade him this off-season. I’ve heard the same stories as you all have and I’ve seen his inadequacies. Such as throwing to the wrong base…lollygagging…admiring a power shot, only to watch it bang of the wall and as The Beav said, his horrific base running at times. You guys may be correct too, as this is all speculative…he does everything he’s always done, that I can tell anyhow. Except fun around in the dugout…


  7. Remember back on Opening Day, April 6th, when both Rollins and Joc stole a base off of Shields/Norris. Joc took advantage of an inattentive defense and took a walking lead, before swiping 3B. Boy, oh boy the team was alive and energetic that day. I think, and I’m just guessing here, at that point we all envisioned a running game such as we’ve been seeing these past 20 games or so? Run Boys, Run! Joc was caught stealing 2B in his next three attempts by Y Medina/M Zunino – T Walker/M Zunino – E Butler/M McKenry. After April came and went Joc was left with 1 stolen base, while being tagged out 3 times. This is not exactly the way the bull shot-out of the gate is it? The next month was just as unproductive ( Joc had just broken a league record the year before in AAA ). Joc made 2 attempts at swiping a bag and managed to split those down the middle, 1 and 1. After 2 months of baseball a Dodger player with fresh young legs and seemingly plenty of speed, has attempted to run 6 times, or, if you care to translate that into alphabetical form it would be A-B-C-D-E-F, yes an F. Rollins on the other hand managed to swipe three bags in April, while getting caught twice. In May, the aging, yet somewhat speedy Rollins kicked on his afterburners in swiping not one, but 2 bases against San Diego (Kennedy/A Hedges). His two other attempts that month resulted in outs. So after two months of baseball another speedy Dodger player has attempted to run nine times. Maybe June is more productive you might wonder? Not on Donnie’s/Bundy’s watch (I’m assuming). Rollins attempted to run 3 times, coming out on the short end of this challenge by getting thrown out twice. How did Joc fare? He ran and was caught once, by half of the tandem, that he swiped third against on Opening Day (O Despaigne/D Norris). That’s 19 attempts, in 3 months, from two Dodger players who you would assume had the tools to utilize a running game. July must be full of basepath fireworks, I wonder to myself… Wrong again! Joc was caught in his lone attempt and Rollins ran three times, bettering the battery mates that month 2 – 1. WOW!! 4 months in and two seemingly capable, Dodger base-stealers, have attempted to run 23 times. Wait a minute, it gets better. In August they were both 100% successful in swiping a lone base. Yes, after 5 months, two Dodger players with past success in the art of running and stealing bases, have displayed these attributes a combined 25 times. In September after 5 games though, Rollins has been born again by running 4 times to date, with a 75% success rate. As for Joc, he who swiped 3B on Opening Day, well, he’s racking up zero’s so far, but he’s only been on first base 14 times…


    • What’s even more astonishing, is that Crawford didn’t even attempt to swipe a bag until August 7th in Pittsburgh. He was successful that day. He then stole 5 more bases that month while getting tagged out only once. You might say this is when the running game began? Although, it also seems to have picked up with the addition of the youngsters and Roenicke. Crawford is among the team leaders after just over a month and a half of existence (9 BS – 1 CS).


  8. It seems the stealing began with Roenicke, even though we expected that with Lopes. It’s hard to understand why they weren’t stealing bases in the early part of this season. It’s good to see they’re winning more now, also.


  9. The trading of Dee Gordon was puzzling. FAZ could say Dee’s on base pct was not dovetailing in with a stolen base offense. Need a better On-base 2nd Baseman. NO argument here. I do remember Dee stating after the trade, that in the “Dodgers organization they didn’t want me to steal, as it would take the bat out of a solid hitter” (aka Kemp, Gonzo) I paraphrase. Funny Dee had a decent batting Average with the Marlins this year. So I look at the way Gonzo, Puig, Joc have just not been hitting, so if runners steal ahead of them now, taking the bat out of their hands as a Walk, might be better then the strike out or DP they would hit in to. So perhaps that is an reason the Boys in Blue are getting the green light more now to Steal.
    Just a thought, because I cant fathom what thinking goes on in the minds that pull the wires to make things happen in the Dodgers dug out.


  10. Roenicke was hired on August 17th, which was an off day. The team has attempted to steal 23 bases since then. They were successful all but two times.

    August 23rd @ HOU – Puig SB and Ethier CS – L (2-3)
    August 29th vs CHC – Peraza (2) SB – SVS SB – Crawford SB – W (5-2)
    August 31st vs SF – Crawford (2) SB – Peraza SB – Turner SB – W (5-4)
    September 1st vs SF – Rollins SB – W – (2-1)
    September 2nd vs SF – Turner SB – W ( 2-1)
    September 4th @ SD – Schebler (2) SB – Rollins SB – W (8-4)
    September 6th @ SD – Crawford SB – Seager SB – Rollins SB & CS – W (5-1)
    September 7th @ ANA – Crawford SB – W (7-5)
    September 8th @ ANA – Crawford SB – Turner SB W (6-4)
    September 9th @ ANA – Barnes SB – L (2-3)
    The improvement in the running game is in how successful they have been since the addition of Roenicke (21) SB (2) CS.
    Utley was acquired a day after Roenicke…He may have a hand in bringing about a different approach to the way they play as well???


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