Dodgers – Angels – 2015 Final

Mat Latos scratched due to neck stiffness

Joe Wieland and the Dodgers vs Garrett Richards and the Angels


SNLA, FS-W and ESPN will each air the game tonight at 7:05 PM PT


Richards has a record of 10 wins and 13 losses while carrying an ERA of 3.77. He has thrown one complete game, which was also a shut-out back against Boston on July 18th, using a total pitch count that day of 113. Richards was 3-3 in the month of August and has 1 win so far in September. In that time he’s tossed between 6.0 and 7.0 innings with a lone 5.0 inning game. The Angels have been providing Richards with 4.30 runs of support so far in 2015.

Latos who is lumping around an ERA of 6.56 and sporting a record of 4 wins and 9 losses, with 2 of those losses vs zero wins, coming as a Dodger. Latos gets the start today for a number of reasons I would suspect. 1) Anderson was iffy in April health wise and he’s certainly thrown up caution flags here in September. 2) The team has stated that it doesn’t want to bring up De Leon or Urias unless the situation causes them to. 3) This I just read earlier today…Donnie states that Latos deserves a shot, judging by his Angels performance right after the team acquired him. Latos went 6.0 innings that night and has failed to make it to the 5th inning in each of his next 4 starts. 4) Frias has been injured and even so, has issues of his own. 5) Bolsinger as Crash stated in his previous post, has trouble the 3rd time through the line-up.

Bear in mind that the guy gave up 4 runs before being getting the hook in his last start, then complained that yanking him was unfair due to the fact that he was just warming up. Latos who is in his 7th year as an MLB pitcher, has only three seasons with a win % over .500. (2010-2012-2013). His chances to improve in that category this year have diminished, along with whatever magical skill-set he once beheld. Warming up my ass. Toasted is more in tune with reality.
Personally, if you were to ask me…Mr Frias of (Frias, Bolsinger and Latos Inc.), if healthy, has the most upside. With Bolsinger being the most consistent. As far as Latos? Well, I believe he is todays episode of ( One of these things is not like the other ).


Aw heck!! Let’s take a look back at this earlier gem!


39 thoughts on “Dodgers – Angels – 2015 Final

  1. Excellent post, D4! Thank you for the extra day of rest.

    Grandal needs to rest for the remainder of September. Let him play the last two games of the season as a tune up for the playoffs. His shoulder isn’t going to get better by playing.

    Once the division is in hand, Mattingly should pitch Latos every other game. That way, (1) we get our moneys worth and (2) the all-important Kersh, Greinke, Anderson, and (less so) Wood will be rested for the playoffs. Just give them enough innings to stay in focus. Don’t pitch Latos when we need the win, ‘cuz we’re not gonna win with him.

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  2. It seems we all, myself included, have very little faith in Latos and I guess we can’t blame each other for feeling this way. After all he’s been terrible so far.
    Who knows? Baseball is a funny game and usually what we expect to happen, don’t.
    Well it’s just another game.
    GO DODGERS!!!!


  3. I would like to see Latos succeed as a Dodger, but I wish that for every player wearing “Dodgers”, so give Latos another shot sure, we dont expect anything. If he fails, then he provides respite for the pitching staff, The real problem will be if he Pitches 7 innings of 2 run ball and makes a statement that I can be #4, then he gets another start; Inconsistency will lead Latos to a trip back home, but if he throws well, then decision time in October. I am favoring Wood, he has been consistently getting better and better. Anyway there is more to see from many, only 25 make the post season roster, Grandal is a must-have so he needs to get better soon, which comes right around to the medical staff and a certain ex-gnat, colletti pick, called Stan Conte.

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    • Wieland has had some issues that’s for certain. In his lone start this season at Milwaukee he hit a rough patch in the very 1st inning. He threw 38 pitches, surrendered 4 hits and 5 runs, while walking 2. He bounced back with a 2nd and 3rd inning pitch count of 7, followed by 15, then 17, before being taken out with 2 retired in the 5th. Four of the 6 ER he is accounted for came from two dinger’s. Each of those with a runner on base.
      Different day, different team, different park tonight. Let’s hope for a different result as well. I would rather have David Price going or us, but…


  4. They’re about an inning ahead of our game down in Arizona. Where the D-Backs are leading by a score of 2-1 over the Jints.




  5. They actually get a well pitched game out of Wieland, and they can’t even scratch 2 runs of Richards. Great hitting. This team stands no chance against a good staff in the playoffs.


  6. Good start by Weiland, he did well… Better than Latos has been… I hope Latos is done for the season.. He sucks and he can’t go away too soon for me…. Freaking POS!!!


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