Dodgers at Angels


109 thoughts on “Dodgers at Angels

  1. Of course you know, this does nothing for me…how about some guys’ rally abs 🙂

    Here ya’ go, Tru

    Rally Bums Record (W-3, L-0)

    Rally Bums
    Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!!


  2. Wow, Donnie counters Scioscia’s move and hits for Ethier and it pays off. Of course, with the expanded rosters it reduces the shortage of players if the game goes into extra innings.


  3. I was a bit concerned when Hatcher walked the lead off hitter but he got out of the inning.

    Doesn’t it sometimes seem as if the players and coaches are paid by the hour with how long some games take?


    • Games were supposed to get shorter this year. But they aren’t, because of (1) replay challenges and (2) every year, the managers use more and more relievers.


  4. 7 runs shouldn’t be insufficient. They’ve managed to score runs without slugging any home-runs. I agree they haven’t put this game into the blown away column, but they’ve been productive.


    • We’re down to Ellis number.

      A.J. Ellis (2010-2015)
      Mitch Jones (2009)
      Jason Repko (2005-2009)
      Kazuhisa Ishii (2002-2004)
      Geronimo Berroa (2000)
      Juan Castro (1998-1999)
      Roger McDowell (1993-1994)
      Bob Ojeda (1991-1992)
      Rick Dempsey (1988-1990)
      Len Matuszek (1985-1987)
      Ed Amelung (1984)
      Rafael Landestoy (1983-1984)
      Greg Brock (1983)
      Bobby Mitchell (1980-1981)
      Joe Simpson (1975-1978)
      Tom Paciorek (1971-1975)
      Camilo Pascual (1970)
      Jim Bunning (1969)
      Hank Aguirre (1968)
      Nate Oliver (1967)
      Jim Barbieri (1966)
      Hector Valle (1965)
      Phil Ortega (1960-1964)
      Carl Erskine (1948-1959)
      Bob Ramazzotti (1946-1948)
      Don Lund (1947)
      Tommy Tatum (1947)
      Tom Seats (1945)
      Whit Wyatt (1939-1944)
      Jimmy Ripple (1939)
      Max Butcher (1938)
      Oris Hockett (1938)
      Watty Clark (1932-1937)
      Buzz Boyle (1933-1934)


  5. Can’t believe it took the Dodgers until today to admit that Grandal still has a sore left shoulder. You’d think they would have figured that out days ago, given that he’s been in an 0-for-39 slump.


  6. Seager made all the tough plays at short tonight…deep in the hole, slow choppers. Hits, walks. Forget third base for next season. There are always a third baseman or two floating around. But not shortstops with the tools Seager seems to have. You see a kid like that and you realize just how many years and miles Rollins and Utley have under their belts. They seem a shadow of their former selves. Kind of sad to watch them flailing away, regardless of them being “thoroughly professional baseball players.”


    • If they don’t wrap this up quickly. Mattingly won’t be able to send Kershaw, Greinke, Ethier and A-Gon on that 3 day cruise to Mexico for some R&R before the postseason begins.


  7. This is the first year that I remember September call-ups being so productive. I didn’t imagine an 8 1/2 game lead at this point in the season.


    • Me neither. I had my sights set on where the Cardinals are, which would give us about a 16.5 game lead and on pace to win 102 games. What the fuck went wrong?


  8. Not surprised there would be some rumblings here when I heard the lineup. Doesn’t really seem to matter who is in the lineup when Kershaw pitches since he gets such lousy run support.


      • Andre Ethier (2006-2015)
        Steve Finley (2004)
        Paul Lo Duca (1999-2004)
        Mark Grudzielanek (1998)
        Hideo Nomo (1995-1998)
        Rick Monday (1977-1984)
        Reggie Smith (1976)
        Charlie Manuel (1975)
        Gail Hopkins (1974)
        Dick Dietz (1972)
        Ron Perranoski (1961-1972)
        Bill Sudakis (1968-1971)
        Rocky Colavito (1968)
        Danny McDevitt (1957-1960)
        Bob Giallombardo (1958)
        Bob Wilson (1958)
        Ken Lehman (1952-1957)
        Earl Mossor (1951)
        Morrie Martin (1949)
        Clyde King (1947-1948)
        Joe Medwick (1946)
        Billy Herman (1941-1946)
        Art Herring (1945)
        Eddie Miksis (1944)
        Pat Ankenman (1944)
        Barney Koch (1944)
        Van Mungo (1932-1941)


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