New Game Thread


Here is our lineup for today: (courtesy of tru)

Jimmy, ss
Carl, lf
Adrian, 1b
JT, 2b
Dre, rf
Seager, 3b
AJ, c
Joc, cf
Brett, p


19 thoughts on “New Game Thread

  1. Why does Donnie feel the need to have a different line-up every single day of the season? And why does he insist on Rollins leading off when he can’t hit shit? Crawford’s swinging the bat pretty well and has speed. Gee, here’s a thought – why not let Crawford lead off?


    • Jim Gilliam (1953-1966, RET)
      Joe Landrum (1952)
      Johnny Schmitz (1951-1952)
      Joe Hatten (1946-1951)
      Cy Buker (1945)
      Morrie Aderholt (1944-1945)
      Charlie Fuchs (1944)
      Ed Head (1944)
      Tom Sunkel (1944)
      Frenchy Bordagaray (1943)
      Cliff Dapper (1942)
      Herman Franks (1940-1941)
      Ira Hutchinson (1939)
      Ralph Birkofer (1937)
      Jim Lindsey (1937)
      Babe Phelps (1935-1936)
      Chink Outen (1933)
      Ray Phelps (1932)


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