Dodgers Giants Series cont…

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Let’s look at the Dodgers’ results in 2015 by position player.  What is the winning percentage when each of them started the game?  What is the winning percentage when they didn’t start?  When Yasiel Puig starts, the Dodgers have won 54% of their games.  When Puig doesn’t start, the Dodgers have won 59% of those games.  By simple math, we see a negative 5% differential for starting Puig.  The same calculation is shown below for all position players who have played more than two games for the 2015 Dodgers.

Result when Started Result when Not Started
Player W L PCT W L PCT Diff’l
Puig 38 32 54% 36 25 59% -5%
Grandal 50 37 57% 24 20 55% 3%
Gonzalez 70 53 57% 4 4 50% 7%
Kendrick 57 45 56% 17 12 59% -3%
Rollins 69 49 58% 5 8 38% 20%
Turner 40 38 51% 34 19 64% -13%
Ethier 50 39 56% 24 18 57% -1%
Pederson 65 49 57% 9 8 53% 4%
Hernandez 24 23 51% 50 34 60% -8%
Guerrero 22 21 51% 52 36 59% -8%
Van Slyke 24 17 59% 50 40 56% 3%
Ellis 23 16 59% 51 41 55% 4%
Callaspo 17 9 65% 57 48 54% 11%
Crawford 15 12 56% 69 45 61% -5%
Uribe 13 9 59% 61 48 56% 3%
Utley 5 4 56% 69 53 57% -1%
Heisey 4 4 50% 70 53 57% -7%
Barnes 1 4 20% 70 53 57% -37%
Peraza 3 1 75% 71 56 56% 19%

62 thoughts on “Dodgers Giants Series cont…

  1. Forwarded from previous thread…

    September 2, 2015 at 9:02 am
    Well, if Kershaw can show his usual form yet this evening, I think we will have sent the Giants to their deserved destination, like going home for this October – no more playoff magic, at least for this year.
    Good riddance, you lousy bastards!

    September 2, 2015 at 9:14 am
    I’m not much for getting too excited but I feel confident in using two words. “Looks like” , yes it “look like” the Dodgers are home free. Well it would take about a week to dethrone them from first place now that it’s a 5 1/2 game lead.


    • Let us not forget, how fast things can spiral downward if the Boy’s don’t produce runs for Kershaw and Greinke…Nothing is ever on solid ground with this bunch. ‘Till it is!


  2. I’m not sure that Donnie ever had an original idea. It was probably always Torre who inspired Donnie’s idea of managing, and Donnie would be very pliable for any front office “suggestion” as to how he should manage, and probably even whom he should put into the lineup. What do you call a guy like that? An outright asshole or just a kisser?

    This, of course, coming from a guy who never liked Donnie, and probably never will, even should he be so fortunate as to win a World Series.


  3. Love to start another 5 game winning streak. Oh Man are the Gnat fans around me quiet. Bluster about “maybe the Dodgers will win one” as turned to “oh shit they beat madbum, and now kershaw is coming”
    I love it.
    Where did this Bull pen come from? Same names but different results. Yea!
    If the team would play the rest of this year with this fire, then we could win the division. Yes, I am cautiously Optimistic. I have lived collapse before, do not like that. Giants have an easier schedule, In fact the only team they play over 500 is the Dodgers.
    But what really gets me going is the line up I so bitched about that Donnie threw out there actually pulled it together and won, I like that surprise. Makes me think somebody, Could it be Donnie?, actually has a pulse on the team and individual players of when to be in or out.
    Cant wait for tonight.


  4. I added some stats to the post above showing the Dodgers winning percentage when each of the position players starts, compared to when they don’t start.


  5. I suppose JOC must play, after last nights heroics he would be on the bench! Is donnie putting this line up together? and my Shout out to CC, GO Carl! Ha! Oh and the stats show Puig has little to do with W or L. GO Dodgers!


  6. I think the team found its leader: Kershaw! He called them out with the “panic” word, and since then, the dodgers have been rolling, and he Leads by Doing and getting it Done.
    This is great, much better than I thought, Imagined, but Blue Dream I do. Its really quiet in my area.


  7. Let’s hope they don’t have a letdown against SD. They need to keep the momentum going forward and still play with a sense of “panic.”

    What the hell is it with this team and hammys? There’s got to be something with the med staff/trainer. There are way too many problems for it to be coincidence over the years.


  8. Looking ahead to the hot stove, just how much money comes off the books after this season? With the acquisition of Peraza, did the FO set up a middle of Seager/Peraza/Joc? If so, that leaves an awful lot of money to acquire/keep pitchers. Do you think they retain Greinke AND get Price? Sure would set-up a nasty top 3 with Wood and some combination of Ryu/McCarthy/Bolsinger/Urias being the 4-5. That 5-spot could be used to develop Urias and limit his pitches and rehab Ryu and McCarthy. Be an awful LH heavy starting 5, but the top 3 would make it so you could develop the young hitters by keeping the games low scoring.


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