Dodgers Giants Series


Line Ups and Batting Averages

Here are the line ups from this weekend against the Cubbies.  One was against a left handed starting pitcher and one against a right handed starting pitcher.  The batting averages shown below are the 2015 batting average splits.  For example, in the “vs. Righty” lineup, we show Adrian Gonzalez’ 2015 batting average of .281 against righties.  Then we show his 2015 batting average of .293 against lefties in the “vs. Lefty” lineup.  To complete the picture, we add the players on the bench.


Vs. Righty

.198 Rollins ss

.221 Utley 2b

.281 Gonzalez 1b

.306 Ethier rf

.242 Crawford lf

.255 Grandal c

.213 Pederson cf

.239 Hernandez 3b


.319 Turner

.232 Van Slyke

.213 Ellis

.000 Peraza (4 at bats)

.232 Guerrero


Vs. Lefty

.295 Rollins ss

.417 Hernandez cf

.293 Gonzalez 1b

.225 Turner 3b

.269 Van Slyke rf

.294 Crawford lf

.267 Ellis c

.500 Peraza 2b


.222 Ethier

.186 Utley

.326 Grandal

.202 Pederson

.227 Guerrero


109 thoughts on “Dodgers Giants Series

  1. I count five starting position players with less than a .250 batting average against right handers in yesterday’s no hitter.


  2. From OTD sidebar twitter feed
    Lockers at Dodger Stadium (likely Sept callups): Mike Bolsinger, Ian Thomas, Joel Peralta”

    Hopefully they will call up more players than just those three.


    • Other tweets say:
      Peralta is already at DS. Austin Barnes will be active tomorrow.

      Julio Urias has been promoted and will start tonight at OKC.


  3. Clayton Kershaw, oh Tru’s Andre ,
    Vin Scully, I love you so.
    And we defy
    Defy the J-I
    J-I-N-T-S, Gi’nts!
    Play ball!


  4. If the Giants win all three games they would trail the Dodgers by a 1/2 a game. BUT if they can only win 2 games they will still trail by 2 .5 games. So as long as the Dodgers don’t get swept they maintain a pretty good lead.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!


    • Difference between a good team and a not so good one. Gints take advantage of their opportunities. I doubt if the Ds loaded the bases 9 times a game that they’d score more than a run or two.


      • Peavy was movin’ down the line and beat out the double play. Lets hope they load the bases tonight and challenge that comment. They’ve certainly struggled in the past with all the bases occupied, that’s for sure.


  5. If you thought one run would get it done with Anderson on the hill…Back away from the brownie, you’re done.



  6. Really hitting up a storm again tonight.

    Well, the good news is maybe they’ll totally clean house at the end of the year and get rid of McGwire too.


  7. When was protecting the plate in a division race, replaced with complaining about borderline pitches in a division race. SWING YOU DUMB S.O.B!!!


  8. Dodgers have just acquired outfielder Justin Ruggiano from Mariners in exchange for cash considerations or a player to be named later.


  9. OK folks, I can feel your pain through ethernet. Pulling Ethier, the league’s leading hitter in August, and a guy who just homered, and pinch-hit for by a slumping Van Slyke? I hated it in real time, regardless of outcome. How can Mattingly even look Ethier in the eye now? Travesty. Horrible manager. Zero support for one of his most reliable players. Fire him tonight.

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  10. This roller coaster game is killing me. I get a sense of impending doom every time the Giants get a baserunner in extra innings. Then my hopes are dashed when the Dodgers get RISP and fail to score.


      • Peraza’s also already accustomed to the daily Donny whine.

        Since when does a rookie, in the bigs 3 days, argue such things as borderline pitches?

        Fight the Umpfuzz and foul the damn pitch off…hell, announce your presence with a liner into the dugout…don’t fucking whine your way back to it!


  11. We had DFAd Heisey…..and, now we have him back (from Blue Jays) ……. confusing, stupid move. I understand he won’t be available for post season play.


  12. It was really great to pull that game out. For me it was 3:40AM here on the east coast.I learned long ago, it wouldn’t pay to go bed, I couldn’t sleep anyway with the game still going on. So I did what I usually do, I stayed up and watched it. A 4.5 game lead is nice to end the night. Got to bed at 4:00AM.


  13. A gutsy win last night, and now the Giants have really dug themselves a hole going up against Greinke and Kersh. I still don’t like the way Mattingly manages, like pinch-hitting for Andre that made no sense and produced no good result.

    It’s also very strange that we now have to get another over-the-hill outfielder rather than bringing up someone from our own organization – where’s all the minor league investment? Ruggiero was actually one of our minor leaguers some ten years back when he was traded to Tampa, and that, of course, is your Friedman connection. I’m not sure that Friedman’s connections are any better than what Ned tried to accomplish by taking the Giants’ leftovers. But as long as we remain in first place, who’s going to argue with him. I still have grave doubts that this team is made for success in the playoffs.


  14. Whouda thunk between Johnson and Hatcher that they could throw 5 shutout innings between them? Was really surprised when I woke up this morning to see that they won. Opportunity exists with a herculean effort by Greinke that maybe they can take the game tonight 1-0 or 2-1.

    That is if they can even get a hit.


  15. Greinke vs. Bumgarner. Both can pitch, both can hit. I can’t believe Bumgarner has five home runs on the year. Need to get Greinke angry, he hits better when angry.


  16. Nine innings from the bullpen last night and they gave up just one run. Nicasio was the only reliever with walks(2 including one intentional walk). Very good job by the bullpen.


  17. One bright spot about last night’s bullpen performance – this may give Donnie the confidence to use the bullpen in the playoffs, rather than leave Kershaw in too long like last year.

    But playoff success will also require key hitters getting key hits at the right times. Ethier has got to be one of those guys. Donnie’s gonna have to leave him in against a lefty reliever.


  18. In the spirit of “no censors”: For anybody who missed it, here’s what Mattingly and Honeycutt had to say when Nicasio gave up the two-out double, tying the score 4-4 in the eighth inning:

    Mattingly: “Fuck”

    Honeycutt: “Shit”


  19. From TBLA: The top Dodger batters in August, as measured by OPS:

    1.045 Ethier
    0.961 Kendrick
    0.927 Hernandez
    0.793 Puig
    0.680 Gonzalez

    As we all know, Kendrick, Hernandez, and Puig are on the Disabled List. Donnie still doesn’t get it.


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    • As I posted last night, if Donnie doesn’t believe Ethier can get a guy home from third with one out, game on the line in the 8th, facing a tough lefty, the how does that play on Ethier’s psyche moving forward? Seems Ethier’s has had to prove himself over and over and over and over again to this blockhead, and now that Ethier is right there with Agon in being the best clutch hitter down the stretch, he removes him from a game-winning situation–immediately after Ethier hits a home run to put the Dodgers ahead late in the game. Donnie seems to not understand human beings…just stats. In my humble opinion Mattingly lacks the most important attribute a manager can have: feel for the game in the moment.

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  20. You know with bumgarner pitching(lefty) Dre goes to the bench, that is sad. Is there some contractual thing with dre that if he gets X amount of RBIs, Hits or ABs , that he gets more $$$; and is that the motivation behind the “on Bench” for Dre? Im just the kind of guy that would like to see the best players on the field. So yes vs. Bumgarner, Agon and Dre would play, CC and JOC can come out, but with Kike ON DL, Im afraid Joc will be in, hope his defense earns his place tonight. Although JOC did get a hit last night, perhaps he is Trending up!!!


    • Andre’s contract status

      5 years/$85M (2013-17), plus 2018 club option
      signed extension with LA Dodgers 6/12/12

      13:$13.5M, 14:$15.5M, 15:$18M, 16:$18M, 17:$17.5M, 18:$17.5M club option ($2.5M buyout)

      2018 salary guaranteed with 550 plate appearances in 2017 or 1,100 PAs in 2017-18

      perks: use of stadium luxury box for eight games each season


  21. Yet another different ST line-up tonight:

    Rollins 6
    Peraza 4
    Turner 5
    Gonzalez 3
    Van Slyke 9
    Ruggiano 7
    Ellis 2
    Greinke 1
    Pederson 8

    Dre’s hot. Joc’s not. MadBums pitching. Let’s start Joc. Makes perfect sense.


  22. Justin Turner is still not hitting after coming back from the disabled list. His BA/OBP/SLG/OPS is .161/.234/.286/.520

    He should be in the bottom half of the lineup until he comes out of this funk.


  23. Oh I see some of Maddon rubbed off on Donnie, Batting Pitcher #8, but followed by a strike out with Joc,
    Holy fuck (hi Censor) Donnie thinks “I have the lowest ERA pitcher going tonight”, but he is not playing for the kill, and with the depleted Bull Pen from last night, this begs some serious scrutiny from the FAZ up top,
    Best hitter in line up, get some runs early and keep it up as best they can muster vs. Madbum, you don’t think the gnats want revenge Donnie? Donnie why you putting in what you do, I still have not figured your strategy yet! Donnie you listening or do I have to go get my Rally Banana!!??


  24. and coming back to this line up, grandal left last night game as usual, and AJ took over for the end, wouldn’t AJ be a bit more tired than grandal, and isn’t Grienke/grandal the standard, and will AJ pair with kershaw tomorrow?, and Grandal is a switch hitter, but even that must be better than Ellis!
    OK Donnie: Just Surprise me!, OK which pitcher hits a HR first in this game?


  25. 32and53

    Ruggiano is a former Dodgers prospect.

    June 7, 2004: Drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 25th round of the 2004 amateur draft. Player signed June 21, 2004.

    July 19, 2006: the Los Angeles Dodgers sent Justin Ruggiano to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to complete an earlier deal made on June 27, 2006. June 27, 2006: The Los Angeles Dodgers sent a player to be named later, Dioner Navarro and Jae Weong Seo to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Toby Hall, Mark Hendrickson and cash.


  26. I have always want Greinke/Kershaw and even Latos batting 8th since they can hit Pederson 9. It would had been funny if Hatcher had gotten the GW hit considering he was a former catcher had like 36 career HR’s in the minor and hit 15 back in 2007.


  27. Another surprise win with some guys contributing you wouldn’t expect. These are big 2 game swings too. Let’s hope the bats show up today for Kersh.


  28. Well, if Kershaw can show his usual form yet this evening, I think we will have sent the Giants to their deserved destination, like going home for this October – no more playoff magic, at least for this year.
    Good riddance, you lousy bastards!


  29. I’m not much for getting too excited but I feel confident in using two words. “Looks like” , yes it “look like” the Dodgers are home free. Well it would take about a week to dethrone them from first place now that it’s a 5 1/2 game lead.


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