Cubs Finale at 5pm PDT (8pm EDT)


Will the Dodgers be able to pull off the unthinkable? Can they sweep one of the better teams? Stay tuned to ESPN to find out.


60 thoughts on “Cubs Finale at 5pm PDT (8pm EDT)

  1. Nice surprise win last night. Be nice too if they can finish the sweep and pick up another game today. They still need to take 5 of the 7 from the Gnats. I think if they do that it’ll be the stake through the Gnat’s heart.


  2. The Cards jumped out to a 2-0 lead as I started to prepare my lunch. Now that I am ready to eat, I see that the Cardinals added another run, but the Giants came back in the bottom of the first with two runs to make the score 3-2 Cardinals.

    From this beginning, it is hard to predict how the game will turn out. We will find out by the start of the Dodgers game.

    P. S. The Cards just scored another run.


  3. Look who is batting clean up today.

    Rollins ss
    Utley 2b
    Gonzalez 1b
    Ethier rf
    Crawford lf
    Grandal c
    Pederson cf
    Hernandez 3b
    Wood p

    Arrieta doesn’t give up many hits, so every run will be precious, both on offense and on defense.


  4. So glad I have a mute button! They suspended Schilling and brought this awful softball chick, thinking we women would like her….she blows! And, Kruk is a dumb-ass!


  5. Andre laid off the first two pitches which were off of the plate. Arrieta then threw one strike, before getting Andre to swing at the next two pitches off of the plate. Earlier in Pederson’s at bat Arrieta really never threw anything good to hit. He sets them up early making them think they should have hit a pitch, then pulls the string on it the next time


  6. Another pathetic effort in a season of pathetic efforts. How do you get no-hit twice in a week’s time? Has no one heard of bunting to break up a no no?


  7. Arrieta is a good pitcher. But it’s not the opposing pitchers that are causing these no-hitters. It’s our hitters and our hitting coach, McGuire, and Donnie.

    At this point my grandmother could no-hit this team. And she’s been dead almost thirty years.


  8. As long as the Dodgers are getting no hit, I saw on the ESPN crawler that Kemp has 80 RBIs for the Pods. That’s more than any Dodger, and he would be third in HRs and second in runs scored. And as for the bum ankle, he’d be leading the Dodgers in stolen bases, too. Just saying.


  9. Wow, second no hitter against the Dodgers in under two weeks. And on national TV. I will say Arietta probably would have no hit the ’27 Yankees tonight but still does not make it any better.


  10. It’s easy to see from our side that every 2 strike pitch that starts out low in the zone and over the plate ends up out of the zone low and off the plate.
    Why not put on the take sign? The worst thing that could happen is a strike out looking. They were striking out swinging anyway. Maybe taking some pitches would force the throwing of more strikes.


    • That observation would take some coaching insight, and we have, well, Mattingly and McGwire.

      Nice to see Donnie’s coaching style has them really well prepared to play everyday. How many different line-ups has he used now? Hey Donnie, here’s a thought. Rollins sucks as a leadoff hitter. Ever thought of Hernandez? I’d much rather have a guy hitting .220- leading off than guy hitting .290+.

      Even when this team wins 5 in a row you don’t feel good about them because you always know the other shoe is going to drop sooner than later.


  11. Wow!! Has any team in history been no-hit twice in a 10 day period? I guess that is what happens when an incredibly inept offense meets a very good pitcher… Wood pitched well but our offense is pathetic…

    Oh well, we got 2 out of 3 against them…

    Now it is show time. Facing off against the G’nats…. It’s time to put up or shut up!! Go Dodgers!!!!


    • Just wish Donnie would pick a lineup and stick with it the three games…..yes, even when Bum pitches. But, I know that won’t happen. He always seems to let Bochy get the best of him….sad!


      • Donnie’s such a poor manager, I distinctly remember him being outmanaged in Miami not too long after their GM took over as manager. That’s pretty damned pathetic.


  12. NO fear. The giants are coming to town. Trivia: the 1917 White Sox were No-Hit twice that year, and wound up being world champions!
    Last Nights game could of been worse, our BP could of really been blown up; but Wood stood his ground and the DPs came through; when I am sure we will need every good arm to come tonight, if there is a good arm coming out of the BP? Did have a problem with bringing JP in after nicasio, to face a lefty and he failed, so then he was left in to face rightys too. Really need to conserve the BP.
    September call up better include Urias, and more BP support, because eveyone is suspect, yes even Jansen.
    You know our BP would not have so much attention, if the Hitting would get going,
    Here is my head scratcher from Last night: Turner on deck to PH, Kike does not get on base, and Turner returns to Dugout to have AG pinch hit instead, What kind of a Mind screwer is that? This gives AG hardly a chance to get anything together Mentally or Physically, so emotionally hes like frustrated. Thank Donnie?


  13. Arrieta schooled the Dodgers last night. Joc for instance, looked like he was in way over his head. Like I mentioned before, Arrieta was only gonna give the boys, one, maybe two good strikes per at bat. He pounded the zone up and away with the hard stuff and down and in with the deceptive stuff. What made all this work was his ability to throw a quality strike early, then mimic the path of that pitch with different results. He followed a high fastball with a curve that was a tad bit higher than the fastball. He did the same thing inside with a plate high fastball, then changed speeds on two breaking balls off of the plate. He had very good control of his off speed stuff last night. I tip my cap to him!

    We gained a game on the Giants in that series.

    I’ve been watching the Giants play a little as of late. Against the Cards and down by a few runs. I watched them get hit, after hit, after hit, after hit. I forget who the pitcher was, but he is known, to be of quality. The Giants battled back into that game, sometimes matching a Cardinals rally, with a quick rally of their own. They did this with a number of guys missing too.

    How often do we watch the Dodgers get hit, after hit, after hit, after hit? I can’t figure it out, maybe like y’all say, “its because of the ever changing lineups?” Maybe it’s the game-plan to begin with, I couldn’t tell ya’? I can tell ya’, I have watched these guys get a mini-rally going…only to strand the runners, then do the same thing two more times during a game. It’s frustrating. If they don’t produce with the bats, they’re gonna get beat. Whether it be the Giants, Cards, Pirates, Mets or Cubs.

    Kershaw and Greinke at home give the Boy’s the advantage in this series…that is, if they don’t find a way to fuck it up.


  14. The giants are scrappy, they never die. They are motivated to win, especially the next 3 days.
    Our team isnt any better than when we played them before, except for perhaps Kershaw.
    The addition of Marlon Byrd to the Giants has been game changing.
    Not sure Kike will be playing, do not like Joc Playing, so put Dre in center. Man the corners with CC and SVS, and this Peraza kid wants to play, so Utley can go to bench.


  15. Donnie’s proven over the course of 5 years that he’s never done tinkering with the line-up. Even when they do score some runs its yet another different line-up the next day. I can’t imagine that does any good to a players timing or confidence. Players have a good game, then they’re rewarded with the bench the next. How can anyone get anything going when other than AGon and Rollins, you don’t know if you’re playing everyday, nor where your batting in the order? Ballplayers like their routines (as do we all.) How can they get anything going long term when they have no consistency from day to day? For Godsake just get a manager that doesn’t use 150 different line-ups a year and I think the offense would straighten itself out.

    I also wouldn’t doubt MadBum no hits them too.


  16. Beav: So true about the changing line-ups, but the boggling thing is Donnie was a player too, and shouldnt he know about regular playing time, consistency and playing the hot Bat. Play Peraza.


    • No offense to all the first basemen out there…but Donnie was a first baseman. Not exactly a thinker’s spot on the field. That’s usually where you put the last guy who can’t play anywhere else.


    • You’d think so. He certainly got consistent playing time in his day. Sure he merited it, but would he have put up the same numbers if he was in and out of and up and down the line up? I think not. That’s why I have never gotten one damn thing he did with the line-up.


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