Dodgers at Reds Finale


As the Dodgers play their last game against the Reds this year, let’s look ahead to the remaining schedule of eleven series:

  1.  Cubs @Dodgers, while Cards@Giants.  Even
  2. Giants@Dodgers, three games – this will be hugely important, and the Dodgers have lined up their top starting pitchers to go at the Giants.
  3. Dodgers@Padres(4), while Giants@Rockies(4) – Giants have an edge and could pick up a game. (1.5)
  4. Dodgers @Angels, while Giants@D-Backs – Giants have an edge because Angels are still in the wild card race.
  5. Dodgers @D-Backs, while Padres@Giants – Giants have a slight edge (home field)
  6. Rockies@Dodgers, Reds@Giants – Even
  7. Pirates@Dodgers, D-Backs@Giants – Giants could pick up a game (0.5)
  8. D-Backs@Dodgers(4), Giants@Padres – half-game difference made up?
  9. Dodgers@Rockies, Giants@A’s – Even
  10. Dodgers@Giants(4) – This series will determine whether Dodgers get in the playoffs
  11. Padres@Dodgers, Giants@Rockies – Giants have an edge

That last series in San Francisco could decide everything.


74 thoughts on “Dodgers at Reds Finale

    • Maybe, just maybe. They need to start playing like they mean it. Like they want to win the World Series. I have not seen that desire from anyone except Kersh and Greinke. Certainly not from Donnie. He knows nothing about it. He’s never been there.


  1. In typical fashion, Dodgers can only get one run from a no out, bases loaded situation. I’m kind of surprised they got the one. Greinke’s pitching, no sense in giving him a lot of run support.


  2. Hello? Is this the latest and greatest? following the The Thursday Dodgers Game?
    Yes the one where the dodgers scored for the second straight day with a bases loaded situation?
    Did somebody test the censor?


  3. OK I made it back, put the new link in, I see the Censor test ha been done, so the Dodgers better start getting some more hits, more runs. With Gonzo out, this does not bode well, I did not see the foul in to the knee ,but Lets hope, pray or curse that this is just for today and Gonzo will be back for the Gnats.


    • I have a bad feeling about this game. Dodgers need to complete the sweep to possibly build the lead over the Giants. But they’ve scored just one run. Greinke’s pitch count is high, so the bullpen will be coming in soon.

      Score some damn runs already!


  4. Oh NO! Now how many of you would have let Zack Hit for himself rather than put Crawford in to PH??
    Now grienke is done with the pitching, but I just would have given him a shot to win with the Bat


  5. well crap, crawford PH no kidding, then Alex PH, well crap, our bullpen would look so wasted if the hitting would start sometime.
    What play-off bound team would load the bases with 0 outs and come away with zero runs, now done 3 X today with only one run. Just Crap
    But we win with Johnson closing …miracles


    • Going to have to. We can’t rely on our hitting for anything.

      I really think this team will fade in September, and that will be that for Mattingly.


      • At the beginning of the month, I posted the difference in scheduling and how this challenge favored the Dodgers.
        The Giants have been playing do-or-die for a couple of weeks and have been successful, thanks to the passive play displayed by the Boy’s.

        It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see them fall back and run themselves out of work for the season.


  6. Gonzo claims he’ll be ready tonight. I kinda wish he’d sit out a game or three. I think maybe it would force the others to stand up in his place. Of course it would fail miserably because no one would step up. So…

    Puig needs to shed some fat (just a hunch). The kid works that big body hard while exerting his many skills to the max.
    We should find out if and how long he is out today as well.


  7. Absolutely needless to say, this series with the Cubs is BIG. The Cubs look like a team on a mission. Hoping the Cards can handle the Giants, I think getting through this series with the Cubs remaining in first place should be the immediate goal.


    • Agreed. The Dodgers need to scratch and claw to win as many of these three games against the Cubs. Meanwhile, the Giants will be doing the same against the Cards. The Cubs’ motivation is to maintain their lead in the Wild Card race. The Cards’ motivation is to maintain their divisional lead over the Pirates. It will be a tough weekend.


  8. Been away for a couple of days, but wanted to check in on the new site. Hope we lose the censors, and hope the Dodgers can turn it up a notch.


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