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      • Earlier in the season his response to the lack of scoring was that every team goes through a few slumps during the season. The team is in the same fucking slump they’ve always been in. Only now he agrees with Kershaw that there should be some sense of panic…er, I mean urgency. Give me a break!


  1. Beav, that article on Mattingly was spot on. I loved the OBP comparison between Pederson (Donnie’s most-recent dog house tenant) and Mattingly: “Pederson has a .357 on-base percentage on the season. Mattingly’s career OBP? .358.” Beautiful.


    • That’s just it Kahli. And this article was only one small aspect of his poor managerial skills. It didn’t even touch upon his handling of the bullpen, his constant line-up shuffling, et al.


      • Gotta wonder if guys like Johnson and Nicasio would do better if they knew when to expect to get in a game and not this helter skelter inconsistent way Donnie runs his pen. I imagine a lot of a reliever’s game is mental, and not knowing what your typical situation is going to be or what time of the game you’re going to come in doesn’t allow them to prepare properly.

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  2. I’m here. I wish we could get more people involved, not that I mind all of you but it might be nice to have more participation like we used to have on ITD.

    I agree the bullpen has been a problem because roles, other than Kenley’s, have not been all that well defined. However, it seems to me that Donnie gets derailed so often when he does pull a starting pitcher and the reliever is ineffective. Maybe this is all part and parcel of the same problem but if this really were the problem, would upper management notice the same thing and intervene in some way? I suspect the problem is the roles that Donnie may have envisioned never happened because after the first 6 weeks of the season the bullpen struggled. No matter what he did, the relievers walked too many guys or just did not seem prepared. He is certainly not the only manager to use a lot of pitchers late in games. But even Kenley sometimes comes into a game and gives up a walk or hit. Tonight’s game is so typical. I will agree that no matter what the problem, the coaching staff has to take responsibility for the results even if none of them throw a pitch.


  3. ‏@kengurnick
    Mattingly said he’s considering using 6th starter when rosters expand to give other starters an extra day of rest one time through rotation.

    Nevermind the 2 and a half game lead in the NL West. Everyone else has been humming “Kershaw and Greinke, then get your hanky” for weeks…but Donnie just doesn’t get it!!


  4. Hello: Is this how I enter a unsantized OTD blog? coming here after A bases loaded DP scores Turner.
    There is a trend, yesterday bases loaded and kike got a hit, run scored. today bases loaded the DP, run scores. I like this trend, better than not scoring, but I am still waiting for the knock out hit, after a rally??


  5. Hey!! Where’d everybody go?*
    Back from the Netherlands and a 71/2 game lead. I surely didn’t expect to find this on my return, but they went 17-5 while I was gone. One of those turn arounds that can’t be explained. I was able to keep track of what was going on and took great satisfaction in the giants sweep. We need to keep this lead, make the last series with sf irrelevant.


  6. dodgereric saw the future…a blast from the past on the TV angst:

    dodgereric says:
    January 26, 2013 at 1:49 PM
    Oh, the TV contract. As a Dish subscriber, I can’t say I’m too thrilled by it. They never did get on board with the Laker games. Not that missing all those losses is really hurting me. If Vin isn’t a part of it, THAT will seriously have to be addressed. But if Vin is included, I will change to whatever service available to me carries them. Direct eventually took the Laker package.

    lbirken says:
    February 18, 2014 at 10:22 PM
    We still cannot get McScrooge off our mind. The bottom line is this organization has lacked clear, concise leadership and vision since the last few years of the O’Malley era. Actually, I think Peter O’Malley did have a vision and he didn’t like what he saw and decided to bail. Each owner since had the potential to do great things but unfortunately each of those owners had an agenda that had little to do with winning championships. They gave lip service to winning but did not “walk the talk”. I think that is what caused me to contain my enthusiasm when Guggenheim took over and while I admire what Magic Johnson has accomplished in the business world, I still had reservations because he was the only known quantity and yet his role was not clearly defined. I do think Stan Kasten knows what he is doing but agree it is interesting that both Ned and Donnie have been retained. I am trying to put out of my mind the reason for all these moves is that Guggenheim also has an agenda besides winning championships. This group paid a lot of money for the Dodgers and negotiated a sweetheart media deal that offers nothing to the fans (really, do we need 24 hours of Dodger flavored content and another cable channel?) that we did not already have as far as television coverage is concerned.

    So what does this all mean? It means higher ticket prices and potentially higher cable bills down the road and for the short run it means a lot of fans will be deprived of watching the Dodgers on TV unless this new cable channel is made available on all systems. Smart business? Perhaps, but not smart public relations.

    kahliforni says:
    March 21, 2014 at 9:56 AM
    WOW!!!! Opening Day! Couldn’t be more excited. Haven’t missed watching Opening Day since……………..well, now……. Thank you Time-Warner and the Guggenheim Foundation for putting the fans at the forefront of your shared vision. Hey, at least I’ll get Vinnie for two innings on the radio. And speaking of Vinny, what a great gift to the legend as begins his 65th year in the booth and 86th year on Earth…to know he’s reaching 30% of his beloved audience.

    lbirken says:
    March 21, 2014 at 10:55 PM
    With every FB post by the Dodgers comes negative comments about the TV situation. I do think a deal will be done soon but it is a shame the Dodgers and TWC allowed this to happen.


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